36" induction cooktop with bridge

woodysapsuckerJanuary 10, 2014

So far we've only found two 36" induction glass-top cooktops that have a bridge. The KitchenAid KICU569XBL and the Jenn-Air JIC4536XS. Does anyone else know of a different manufacturer that makes a 36" induction with a bridge element? My husband makes fabulous breakfasts using our current bridge with a griddle so I'd love to keep that feature in our next cooktop.

For those of you that have a KitchenAid or Jenn-Air induction - do you like them? Any repair problems with either of these induction cooktops? Consumer reports didn't rate Jenn-Air's repair record very well so I'm wondering what you all have found.

I really appreciate your input.

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yes, Kenmore. We considered it before choosing a Bosch 500- i would still kinda like to have the bridge burner, though

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Sigh...(would love to have one)...there is the Thermador Freedom Induction cooktop.

Bring on the griddles (pots and pans), any shape or size, put them any place you like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermador Induction

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Thanks bevwinchester we'll take a look at the Kenmore too. athomesewing we did see the Thermador Induction but eliminated that one because the cost was so much higher. We're purchasing multiple appliances at one time so we're trying to find the units that have everything we like with the least cost.

We are quite interested to know of repair records too since that will affect the cost in the long run.

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Ah, yes, the Therm. Freedom is awesome, but still too new here to be sensibly priced, alas. Good luck with your search- we love our Bosch 500!

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I'm sorry that I don't have intel to add, but I'm following this discussion with interest. I live in Europe and can't believe how paltry the induction selection is in the US (where I am remodeling our house). And I can't bring back any of the good stuff with me!

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Cucinamia, neither can we! (Just last night we were discussing chip-and-PIN cards in the context of the Target security breach)

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The thermador only allows 4 pots/pans at a time even though it is suppose to have the largest cooking surface?!?

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I'm pretty sure that's true of all the "full surface" induction units available in the US (not sure about European versions)

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Ha, you know - it's kinda funny; we all have different cooking habits & preferences...eve though I have the Bosch 500 36" induction with 5 burners, I never have over 3 going at 1 time! Too damn much multi tasking for me!

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I have the 36" Jenn-Air Induction cooktop. I really like it. Primarily I went with Jenn-Air because of the rebates and the free dishwasher. LIke you I also wanted the bridge element and that was also a deciding factor. We haven't been able to find a pan to fit the bridge so we haven't used that yet. If anyone knows of a pan that would fit the bridge let me know!

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lepages I've been having a hard time too finding a induction compatible griddle. At one of the appliance stores we saw a Demeyere griddle on top of an induction cook-top and I thought I finally found the answer. Unfortunately the Demeyere is discontinued - probably because the list price was $500. Unless another company comes out with something new before we purchase our cooktop, I'll be using the Rocky Mtn griddle. I don't know if this is the best place to purchase it but wanted to give you a link: https://www.etundra.com/kitchen-supplies/cookware/griddles/rocky-mtn-cookware-rm1423-8-14-inch-by-23-inch-2-burner-griddle/?CAWELAID=1570369456&catargetid=1569871141&cadevice=c&cagpspn=pla&gclid=CKfD596VnLwCFUFo7AodkSYAFQ. When I use it I'll be putting parchment paper under the griddle so I don't have any problems with scratching the glass cook-top. If you should find anything else, please let me know.

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They were made for Thermador as well, I don't know if these are the same....

Here is a link that might be useful: Teppan Yaki Grill

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After using my Jenn-Air cook-top for a while I thought I should post an update to this. I have the 36" cook-top with two "bridge" elements. Everyone should know that these really aren't bridge elements at all. They are just two separate burners with one control. When one puts an induction compatible griddle on these burners you end up with two hot spots and the area between the burners heated only by the thermal conductivity of your griddle. We purchased a Chef King Steel Griddle, seasoned it and the only part of the griddle that turned black are where the two burners are located. This was really disappointing to us. We feel it's poor marketing to label these cook-tops as having "bridge" elements when in fact they don't.

I made this comment to a repairman that came to our home and he said that none of the induction cook-tops have a true bridge element - the technology just isn't there. I don't know if the Thermador Freedom is an exception to this rule.

I should say though that I do love induction - just disappointed that I don't have a bridge element on my induction cook-top.

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Thanks for the info about the bridge feature. Has anyone had this experience with Kichenaid bridge? I am shopping for induction and the bridge feature is very attractive, but only if it's a true bridge. I am between the bosh 800 or the kitchenaid architect 2. I was leaning towards KA but will reconsider if this is true. Bosh 800 doesn't offer bridge and benchmark is out if my budget. The next important feature for me is minimum pan size. Can anyone tell me what the smallest pan diameter they are able to use on the KA or Bosch 800?

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How do you like the power slide feature on the Jenn-Air? That feature alone, is kind of pushing me towards the Bosch 800 - I would rather have individual numbers so I can go from a power level of 9 to a 3 without having to slide up or down.

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