apt walk-thru this thursday-

row1September 28, 2004

Hey Y'all- I am finally getting out of the apt and into a house! My lease ends Thursday, and I am having a walk-through that afternoon. Any advise? At the end of it, can I expect them to have a final list of dings, or do they have the option to add things later?

--My bro and I shared this apt - he had a dog in there, so there are carpet/urine stains which have been cleaned up well, but still noticeable. He paid $500 pet deposit, understanding that half would be forfeited. We would like to get the other half of that deposit back. The dog did no other damage; didn't chew baseboards, tear up carpet, etc. And the place does not smell like a dog even lived there!

Also- the apt had a ceiling leak in a bedroom. They patched it up (without fixing the roof leak). It emerged again: a crack running along one of the boards in the ceiling. I told apt employee who jotted a note on some scrap of paper. no one ever came to repair, and I never told them about it after that - I worried that the leak would run farther along to where I couldn't predict where it would drip in heavy rain.

Any advice would be helpful.


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If you want the half of that pet deposit back, you'll probably have to get those carpet stains out. How much would it cost you to rent a carpet shampooer from the grocery store, or Home Depot?

You shouldn't bear responsibility for that ceiling problem; if they try to charge you for it, squawk.

clean really well.

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leak is their problem ... but if you want to see any of that pet deposit and your damage deposit, rent a carpet cleaner.

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When you move, set aside all your cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner in a corner, and then come back after everything else has been moved, and clean, clean, clean. Definitely steam clean your carpets -- it should be pretty cheap to do, less than $40 with the cleaning solution, if you rent the cleaner (I can get them from the nearby grocery store) and do it yourself. For the rest of it, just clean everything really well (bathrooms and kitchens especially), and you should be fine. I always clean apartments really well before I move, and I have yet not to get my complete deposit back, and I usually get stunned comments from the person going through the apartment that it's actually clean. I guess a lot of people don't bother, or something. I'd actually recommend that if you're moving on Thursday, that you maybe have the person walk through the next day, if you can. That gives you time to clean, and get the carpets dry before the walkthrough.

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Walk-through went well. I had cleaned so much that it made a great impression. I had shared this 2 BR with my bro, who has a small dog - I was worried about us getting pet deposit back. The deposit was 450, underestanding that half of that was nonrefundable. Well, as I got us checked out, the apt said they had a record of my bro paying $225 but never the other $225 for pet deposit. He checked his records and remembered he never gave them the 2nd half. So, in a way, he has gotten all possible!

Plus, they will probably give me all of my deposit back: the couple problems in apt. were noted on the check-in sheet. Plus they understand that ceiling damage is their problem.

I was worried because mgmt has changed, and this place is kind of going downhill, and occupancy is relatively low. I feel so much better being done wit that place, and into a house now.

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