Kenmore Washer won't spin the clothes dry

alanisJanuary 9, 2011

The machine does spin but occasionally the clothes will be really wet at the end of the cycle. It spins the water out of the machine though, no standing water. My husband is a handyman and he wants to "figure" out the problem. He had lid open and made it spin and it would go but got slower. The machine is 9 years old and it's only used for husbands farm clothes. I've got a front loader thankfully!

Anyone have ideas or repairs to try? The machine is ready to be torn apart.

It's been a great machine up until recently!


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Make sure your duct to the outside is cleared. Very often, it's as simple as that, and has nothing to do with the spin. Have you had the duct cleared in the 9 years you've had the dryer? If the duct is clogged with lint, it won't exhaust, and the water from the clothes has no place to go, so the clothes don't dry.

You should post on the Gardenweb's Laundry Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb's Laundry Forum

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Alanis, a model number is helpful so responders to your question can determine what kind of mechanism is involved.

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Also, if you have very few things in the washer, they won't spin dry as well as if has more or larger items.

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