Nosy Neighbour, Sinister Sounds

pixiewolf3September 10, 2010

I just moved into my new apartment last week and there is something going on upstairs in the apartment above me. Every few nights there is a great deal of noise at exactly 3am and it sounds like suitcases or something with wheels being moved around and then out of the building. Then again at exactly 5am an alarm starts beeping and the person starts whatever they are doing again, walking all around their unit like they are preparing something. I can tell because they are wearing shoes and this person is not light footed.

Please know this is the second time I have heard these noises, the first time they were so loud I thought the person was moving out and thought nothing of it. This time I think they know I am here and they are trying to be quieter. I know that sounds strange that they are trying to be quieter...but the sounds are still the same.

During the day and early evening there is no noise what so ever.

This is incredibly strange and scary!

I have notified my landlord but I am wondering what my next steps should be.

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How long ago did you talk to the landlord? That tenant's been there longer than you and presumably you're not the first to have heard noises. If they wake you up, then continue to complain (or go talk to the the tenant), but don't speculate as to the cause - you have no idea what's going on after all, and it could be related to work of some kind (you never know) or even a medical problem. But you have a right to ask them to remove their shoes at that hour(!) and to be reasonable.

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It sounds to me as if two people live in the apartment above you and they leave for work separately every day very early in the morning.

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Is this the first time you have lived on your own? There is nothing sinister going on - you probably live below a couple of pilots or flight attendants.

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I am incredibly embarrassed by this but the person who lives above me is in fact a nurse...who has a small annoying dog with tiny legs. The noises I heard was the dog running across the floor in the middle of the night. No worries I handled it politely and am certainly glad you guys suggested I may be over reacting! Thank you all for your level headed advice it helped me make the right decisions in the end.

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