Please help - need advice on trouble with GE s/s fridge

mara_2008January 10, 2014

I know some very knowledgeable guys frequent the washer/dryer forum; I hope those same guys frequent this one.

The refrigerator side of our GE s/s fridge is not cooling as it should. Dear hubby checked its temp, which is 56F. The freezer, however, is still cooling well, making ice, etc.

Hub is a pretty good handyman. Where should he start in order to dx the problem with our fridge? Please help. I tried to contact a troubleshooting website, but couldn't get through. We cannot find our fridge's manual.

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Refrigerators have a duct between the freezer (where the evaporator is located) and the main compartment - a fan moves the air.

First thing to check is to see if that fan is blowing air. There may also be a damper.

It could be a thermostat problem, or perhaps a circuit board - if your refrigerator has one.

I would imagine you could Google you make / model and find the manual - and some troubleshooting advice.

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Bad news. I typed the model number into the search engine and found out that particular model has been discontinued. A fridge did come up, and a link below it said it was a manual, but when hub looked at that manual, it did not pertain to our fridge. :(

Anymore ideas? Thanks for what you've already said.

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Did you try the GE site? Always a good place to start...

Here is a link that might be useful: GE support manual search

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You need to include the model number in your post when asking appliance questions so any "knowledgeable" responders can get a handle on what's involved. GE has more than one mechanical design for SxS units ... different control systems, single- or dual-evaporators and different air distribution methods.

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Hi, dadoes. I know you're right about the model number, but I didn't have it handy when I posted before. Hub called the national 'hot line' GE number and talked to a rep (he did have the model number), who said a repairman couldn't get here before Wednesday to diagnose the problem, let alone fix it.

So I hit the yellow pages - yes, did it the old-fashioned way - and found a company which sends out repairmen 24/7 (what a novel idea), and also charged a LOT less than GE's quote. We were pleasantly surprised at the total for dx and repair, which was far less than what we were expecting.

The guy was really good. Not only did he fix the fridge but he talked to hub the whole time, explaining everything to him. At times they worked together. This was invaluable for hub; this is exactly what he likes to do, as he always learns a lot.

The problem was the thermistor. It had gone bad and quit working. The guy had to dismantle the freezer side and found a solid block of ice behind a large panel.

We had to leave the freezer open for 24 hr. (thankfully, we have a separate large freezer and could put the food and ice in it). We turned it back on at the right time, and it has worked beautifully ever since. Now the temp in the fridge is 35. The milk is nice and cold, and we don't have to worry about spoiled food. The ice maker is churning out ice once again.

Thanks again to you guys. Even though it turned out like it did, I really, really appreciate your input. Blessings to you both. :)

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Thank you for coming back and posting a followup. I'm glad you had good luck with your repair.

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