Best Rule for Light Spacing for Recessed Lights in basement

the-tech-guyApril 18, 2013

What is the best rule to use for spacing LED recessed cans in a basement? I heard a 6" can should be 6' feet apart. I also heard to divided the length of the wall by the number of direct light in feet the bulb gives out. My ceiling is ranges from 7-8 feet and I plan on using 6" cans with LEDs lights.

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You really need to look at the photometric data for the LED you're planning to use. And then adjust placement based on your lighting needs/desires. Frankly, I'm of the opinion that too many cans can always be dimmed while maintaining placement. Realizing you don't have enough life after the fact makes for lousy can placement or a lot of work/expense rearranging things.

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It depends on the spread of the fixtures you choose and the height from the floor more then anything else.

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If I plan to use halogen br30s now due to price but in the future plan on using LEDs, will the spacing might not work out that well when I eventually put the LEDs in? Or will it be pretty easy to find the equivalent light spread in LEDs? I am putting up a drywall ceiling so changing the cans around will not be an option.

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