Top Plate over drywall?

jeff147April 7, 2007

I am adding a few separation walls in a huge finished area of the basement. Ceiling is drywalled. Can I nail the top plates over the ceiling drywall or do I cut the drywall where the 2 top plates go, recede the first and nail second on top and somehow support the drywall ceiling with strips? Second option seems like tons of work for a non-bearing wall. Any thoughts?

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Nail it over the drywall.

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I think it greatly depends on how the ceiling joists run in relative to your new wall.
You should get by if the new walls run in perpedicular (or at an angle) to the ceiling joist, so all you do is nail it on every joists for stability.
If parallel to the joist, I'm afraid there's going to be some blocking work in order to fasten the head of your new wall frame to it.

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Just remember a possibility if running parallel to your existing ceiling joist.

Since most ceiling joists are spaced 16" O.C. - you could try placing the new wall right underneath the joist by moving it over up to 8" max. in either direction.

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