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redcheckersSeptember 6, 2006

I live on the 4th floor of a 15 story highrise. The building structure is very strong, and it has thick concrete floors, and wall to wall carpeting. The floors seem very sturdy.

I would like to purchase a good treadmill, and wouldn't use it at odd hours, just mostly from 9am to 2pm for an hour at the most each day.

I wonder if should or not? I really want one.

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I have a treadmill and found I wasn't comfortable using it because of the noice level, but my floors are extremely thin and there is a minimal of sound proofing. I wouldn't recommend for jogging but walking probably would be no problem if you have good solid floors. I recently got a bike that is magnetic or whatever and I am totally shocked at how quiet it is..

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what about asking management, or perhaps a long-term resident, if anyone has had experience w/ a treadmill in the building?

Or, could you rent one for a month or two, and talk w/ your downstairs neighbor about it, to try it out? Only if your downstairs neighbor is mostly reasonable, though.

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You might want to consider an elliptical machine instead. We got one, and I can't even hear it from the next room. Of course, we live in single story ranch-style apartments, but I seriously don't think anyone would hear it if we lived above someone. Plus they're better for your knees and back, very low impact.

If you need a recommendation let me know, we're really happy with ours.

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I asked management, and she said it would be ok, unless I "was running hard" and it bothered my downstairs neighbor, so now I am going to introduce myself soon.

Mangaement is pretty professional around here, so I believe they have some experience with treadmills. As far as elliptial machine Ii will go to the smmoth and sole websites and look them up.

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Oh, I wish I could get a treadmill also :) Yes, introduce yourself to the neighbors below. I dont know much about treadmills but maybe you can also get a thick rug or mat to place underneath, that way you are more secure you aren't bothering anyone. Hope it works out and have a good work-out!

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depending on your neighbors, you could also work out what time of day you've be most likely to use it, and then place it in whatever room they're not likely to use.

My upstairs neighbor suddenly started making an odd, rhythmic noise on floor of her bedroom (directly over ours), and I knew it was some sort of exercise. She was doing it at 7:15 a.m. or something--we were already up, nearly dressed, and about to leave the bedroom to get the kids up, eat breakfast, leave for work. So while I could hear it, and it would have really bothered me if I were trying to fall asleep through it, I sure didn't give a fig at that time of day--that was the perfect place and time for her to do it.

Her mom mentioned it briefly, and I said, "I've been wondering what that is! I knew it was exercise, but I could not for the life of me figure out what kind would make exactly THAT noise." and went on to say, "it's a perfect time of day; sure I can *hear* her, but I don't *mind*--she shouldn't stop, for heaven's sake!" I think she did anyway, and I've felt bad about it a little, because I honestly didn't mind--and she should be able to do as much in her own home as she can.

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Treadmill dealers sell a pad to help deaden the noise. Wonder why? Believe me anything above a pleasant stroll will become a nuisance to your neighbors. Take into account the motor, the mechanics and the vibration and you can understand why. A walk around the block is cheaper, quieter and friendler.

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