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justlindaMarch 31, 2012

This marigold carnival glass vase I just inherited is quite old, and I've noticed some 'air' bubbles. These can't be felt either inside or outside and do not seem to compromise the integrity of the vase (like leaking). I'm wondering if these air bubbles have anything to do with how old it may be?

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Well....sort of....
It indicates it's hand made....but doesn't tell when.
Lets see more of the vase.....don't think it's carnival, which was pressed glass. Yours looks blown.
Can we see the whole thing and the bottom?
Linda c

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They came in a pair, my sister got one and I got one. Unfortunately the one I got is damaged, but the memories are still there :). I can feel 3 distinct "seams", as if it were made in three sections.

I realize that it is not worth a whole heck of a lot, but my mother-memories are worth millions!

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Fenton would consider this Carnival glass. They produced a very similar vase in the flute pattern in their iridyll (sic?) glass, later known as Carnival. Your's may even be Fenton.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fenton Fluted vases

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Fenton made early carnival and continued to make that iridescent glass until...don't know when maybe 1970?
The later Fenton is somewhat heavier than the early stuff...
Beacuse of the bubbles and the clear area at the bottom...I am thinking it's not Fenton....but for sure it's good old carnival!
When I asked for pictures I was thinking perhaps favrile.....but I see not.
Linda C

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I'm thinking it's not Fenton for the same reason, but the double drape at the bottom under the fluting makes me think it bears consideration. My point was that carnival was more than pressed glass. That term is applied to most any iridescent glass with metallic over clear, and particularly that type popular in the 20s and 30s, of which this would be a prime example. You bet this was blown, it was blown into a mould and then the top worked hot.

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