A way to tell & confirm if someone has been in your apartment.

nctrnlSeptember 4, 2005

Instead of going the obvious camera-with-vcr hookup, there are now simple covert digital video recording devices available on the net. They digitally record in snapshots or video digitally within the device itself.

Below are web addresses of examples (you will have to copy & paste them):



NOTE: the above links are in NO WAY an endorsement.... I have found that securuty devices like these range drastically in price on different websites. I bought a device from one website that was sold for $80 that were being sold elsewhere on the net for up to $400! .... There is a LOT of price gouging out there on the net for security devices so be sure to spend a lot of time searching for the cheapest price. www.froogle.com is a VERY good site for finding the best price. Don't forget to use google.com web searches as well.

Note: for the dvrs that look like cameras you might want to camoflage them well.... if the intruder sees it... he will know that he has been caught & will more than likely take the device (IF he knows that it is a dvr.

Oh.... also I have heard that there is a logitech webcam that can also be used as a covert camera. Noone usually thinks that the average webcam for a home pc is being used as a home security camera. Like I mentioned.... I have HEARD that the logitech webcam can be used as a security cam , but am not sure.

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I also wanted to say that there are other less expensive ways to confirm if someone was in your apartment , but with a video recording device .... you have definitive proof which can be used in court (or with the police)against a bad landlord, or an unauthorized person with a key.

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As nctrnl states, there are other less expensive ways to determine if someone has been in your residence. And they are very low-tech. I would not invest in a high-tech solution unless I had evidence using the low-tech solution. Some things you can do from a low-tech stance are to place a small denomination of money (like $1) in a place where it will look like it must have fallen out of a pocket and then wait to see if it disappears. Putting the money out where it is obvious might tip the person off. Also, leave drawers and doors ajar just a tiny bit. Enough that if someone were snooping around they probably would not know enough to put them back in exactly the same place. Place a tiny piece of paper between a cabinet door and molding and watch to see if it is still where you left it - I'm talking very tiny, like no bigger than 1/4 inch. Anyway, you probably get my drift. Do tiny things that only you would know about. If those pan out, then it might be time to get into a high tech situation.

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