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andrelaplume2April 20, 2009

anyone care to comment on this product that says it can be placed right over concrete and is impervious to water? Sure it looks a fake but will lessen mositure coming up thru the floor, will it warm up the floor at all, cause mold to form underneath etc etc.

I just saw this on an endcap at HD...maybe it been around a while but I never saw it...

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Building Science Corp. (BSD 103 at p. 17) says that basement floors should not be covered with impenetrable flooring such as vinyl tiles, which inhibit vapour flow.

What happens is that the moisture accumulates under the tiles, eventually lifts them and water flows onto the floor, often leading homeowners to assume there is a "leak".

Here is a link that might be useful: Building Science Digests

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then there should be some sort of carpet that lets the mositure through w/out inducing mold!!!

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I've used low-pile synthetic carpets with no pads for years in a number of new homes with no problems. I always have a dehumidifier running. Colin and Justin used an Allure-type product in a recent show, but on the first floor over ceramic tiles.

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I like the low pile idea...how about a moisture resistant pad to soften it up...is there a breathable pad out there...

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