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mitrellimApril 3, 2013

Hey all, we are planning to have our basement finished. I have made a really rough draft and wanted to know if someone had input. The circles to the far right are 2 sump pumps. Thanks for any help as we think through this!

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So with out know anything about you or your needs, but assuming that the plumbing and Furnace can not be moved. This is what i would do.

It is much the same as yours.

I shrank the office to move the the guest room. If there is not windows in the guest room i would take that area and under the stairs for closet. The office still looks like a good size, the guest room is cozy enough to be pleasing.

The Furnace room get shrunk, but not so much a large freezer could not fit in. It really is to bad these are in this location, but its centralized for the house so i can see why, It just would have given you many more options if it was where i have the guest room. I moved your water treatment into this room also, i was unsure if that was a softener or a RO system.

Shrank the Bathroom and though i have changed the shower if the location of the drain in your sketch was accurate this should larger shower should work. The bathroom is a lot smaller now but the large shower will make it just as nice. It is also far enough away that anyone using it and having...troubles... would not need to be embarrassed. The left over portion become dry storage for anything you need tucked away.

The Laundry has also been shrunk a little and a few tables removed or shortened. The stacked unit is still in the same location, the folding table is close enough to unload the dryer onto, still with enough space to get around it. The Wall is left open here so that if a person is spending a good amount of time folding or ironing it does not feel as closed in.

You may have noticed i like storage. I added a root cellar and a cold storage. No idea if you need/want this sort of space but if i was doing a basement this large I would not leave them out. Put all the storage near Each other for easy Grocery dispersal. There is also no reason for guests to go all the way down this hall, or any of the way.

Theater room for a nice closed in surround sound and optimal darkness. Walk-in hall so light does not disturb you while you watch and to dampen the sound for people not watching. The Door wall is also a little further right than the hall wall making the rec room open up a little more as you approach down the hall.

Large rec room. I figured the furnace room is right there plumbing a bar. Pool Table, Fouse ball...few couches...fireplace? Board game table, Shuffle board. This room is huge. Could put a bowling alley in it. You may even consider Shortening it for a second Guest room at the far left.

I would say the best thing you could do is draw it out differently at least 5 times. Move things, add things. Try to think of things you like /dislike at other houses you've been at. If that is a guest room in the you drawing it is to large and would be drafty and they would see your dirty laundry, if its not all the guests need to go through that bedroom to pee.Its hard to design for a person that i have no info about...for instance, maybe you don't watch movies. Personally, i prefer Air Hockey to fouse ball.

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Wow thanks for the excellent input! We are still working through the plans and this will come in handy!

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I don't see any measurements on the drawling, how large is the office & guest room? Those rooms look pretty small... if it were mine, and those rooms were smaller than 12 x 12, I would combine them and have 1 large office. I'm redoing my basement (Everything is completed besides the trim & flooring)... my office is 24' long x 12' wide. HOWEVER, I have a wall between with an arch making each room 12' x 12'. Below is a picture... the room closest is what I like to call my reading/lounge area. I'll have a couple end tables, a couch, an electric fireplace, etc. I can use this room for reading or I can relax on the couch with my laptop. The part of the room through the arch is where my cherry pedestal desk will be.

Again I can't tell the sizes, but the rec room looks pretty large. What about putting the guest bedroom next to the theatre room? Then move the theatre door to be out in the hall?

Sorry for the crappy cell phone quality pic... looks better in person lol. But I thought I would toss out some more ideals.

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