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ejcinazSeptember 14, 2007

Since a new management company bought our apartment complex, our rent has increased dramatically (20%!)and they are making some big improvements. While the improvements are nice to see, they are awful to live through. For instance, we were given notice that all of our windows were to be replaced any time over the next week. We were given instructions to move all personal property away from the windows. We did this with care to ensure there was not damage. A week went by, no windows & another notice for a week long extension. For two weeks we crawled over furniture in the middle of rooms only to get windows on the 14th day. When we received the extension, we went to talk to the Property Manager, and she assured us we would be prioritized the very next day. As you know, they did not come for another week and we saw them switching other apt's windows. Worst part, even though they told us to move our furniture b/c they weren't liable, the window company returned the furniture to their real locations. In the process, they broke my roommate's desk.

Sorry for the long story, but here are our questions:

- Who should pay for a new window company? property mgmt?

- How do we address property mgmt's tendency to tell us what we want to here with no commitment to completing the job? (that has also happened for each maintenance request. We've had to ask multiple times for each job).


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Submit the bill for the new desk (at a comparable, not inflated, price) to the mgmt co. They may take it out of what they pay the window guys, but that's not your business, which is with them. Only if you owned your place (and had arranged for the windows yourself) would you deal with the workers.

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Do what Lucy said. You did not contract for the windows.

They don't "take it out of what they pay the window guys". That is illegal. They have to sue them or settle. It is a separate event.

I have no idea why the window company moved your furniture. they should not have even touched it. Idiots.

If the property manager does not do anything when you give them the bill, (very likely), the next thing to do is sue the window company and the property management jointly in small claims court.

As to how to deal with the new management company ignoring your maintenance requests, it depends on how severe the maintenance issue is. A doorbell that sticks? A fire extinqusher that is not charged? If it is something that puts tenents in danger, file a complaint with the building inspector or fire marshal or other appropriate agency depending on the problem. If it is just something like trimming the shrubs outside the windows or other elective maintenance you have to accept the fact that they are lazy and don't give a hoot, and then decide if it is important enough to move because of it.

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I agree the damages for the desk should be submitted to mgmt and let them handle it since they contracted the window work. I too wonder why the window installers would ever touch a personal item? I've had contractors coming and going from 3 rentals houses over recent years for improvements and not one would have moved that furniture back. It's not part of the deal. Most certainly not for a window install.

I also feel you're being a bit harsh here as far as time frame. What you must keep in mind is mgmt is at the mercy of the window contractor, and window contractor is at the mercy of the window manufacturer as far as getting the product. A 7 day 'window' to get the window work done in a complex is not outrageous, nor is 7 day extension catastrophic in my book (it happens). The delay could well have been anywhere along that chain. I signed a contract in early August for a single window replacement + roof. The roof was delayed almost a week. The window is still not in. Why? The original contractor I dealt with was suddenly hospitalized (weeks), so his coworkers had to pick up all his tasks, divvy them up and juggle them with their own schedules. It also takes 2-3 weeks to get the window order filled vs. 2-3 days for roofing materials. Also the newly assigned to us coworker came out to remeasure, probably for their own peace of mind, before ordering materials. I had wanted that roof completed before new tenants moved in (less disruptive) and would have preferred the window be done as well before move in. But sometimes stuff happens beyond anyone's control and we just have to roll with it, KWIM?

Do you have other examples?

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The contractors have insurance for this type of accidental damage.The mgr should submit the claim to them.Sometimes the owners will ask tenants to move out when they want to do upgrades.

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