Wolf oven problem

palomalouJanuary 27, 2013

I think I have a problem with my oven in a Wolf all gas. Had it for 8 years with nary a problem, but now when I bake the oven makes a reasonably loud "whoosh" pretty often. I'm presuming that is when it does its restart which it must have to do to keep to oven even. It has always made a sound then, but MUCH more quietly. It scares me to the point that until it is looked at, I won't bake in the gas. Mercifully, there is an electric wall oven I can use. But has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi Actually was not looking for it but found a complant filed with a governmental agency.http://www.saferproducts.gov/ViewIncident/1195027
Please read

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I have had my Wolf AG for a little over a year. It makes a really loud Whoosh sound when it first starts up, but not so much after that. Is the first start up usually really loud?

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You are doing the right thing to have it looked at. I had a similar thing with another oven once and I think it was an ignitor(or glow plug) that was bad, easily replaced---but that might have nothing to do with what is wrong with yours!

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I recently repaired a similar problem in a viking range [gas] about the same age. The burners were deteriorated near the ignitor. T'was a simple fix to replace the burners.

Good luck.

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Range was repaired today. It needed a new burner and ignitor and a pipe replaced. DH handled the repairman so I am not sure what the "pipe" was, but all is now well. Not too bad: two visits (diagnosing, then fixing), $335.

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