Radon fix seals sump pump - Now what?

greatlakesmowerApril 26, 2006

In order to fix the radon count in my house, the radon fix person sealed off the opening to my sump pump after installing a ventalation fan to the sump pump opening. The idea is that negative air pressure sucks the air across the entire area under the floor via the drain pipes going into the sump whole. The fix works. My radon count is much lower. However, I no longer have a large drain opening leading to my sump pump incase of flooding. Does anyone have a similar situation, and if so, have you made some type of back up drain if there is an emergency?

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There are sump pump covers available that use a floating seal to restrict air entry so the radon system can work effiently but float up if water is present and allow it to drain into the crock.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I am wondering if I can modify the plexiglass cover I have, or redo the whole thing.

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The commercial units have a hollow plastic ball and a cage to retain it, along with a shapoed depression to hold the ball and create a low spot for water to collect.

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