Theodore Haviland Limoge pattern

beccabobMarch 28, 2009

I have a set of china from my grandmother. The porcelain mark is:

Theodore Haviland (in script)

centered underneath is Limoges (in script)

Centered under that is FRANCE. It is all in red in straight lines, inside a double raised ring. It is just like the mark he used c. 1903-1925 except Theodore is underlined on my china. If someone would tell me how to upload a picture I can do so.

The pattern is an inch of pink roses and green leaves in intertwined branches around the edge and in a circle in the center. The edge is scalloped with a double ring of gold that looks like it has been sprayed on as the edges are diffuse instead of crisp.

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Go to It can upload an image right from your computer. I find it easier than those sites where you have to register and upload to their site first.

Choose your image and know where you can find it on your computer. Go to tinypic and hit the upload button. It will ask where to get the picture. When it is uploaded select picture size. I use the one labeled as message board; the others are too large or too small.

Then it will give you a page with a heading, "links to Share". Choose HTML. Highlight and Copy the code listed there. Paste it right into the body of your message, not into the URL box that shows up in Preview. When you preview your message, you should see it in the body. You will not see it until you preview; you will only see teh code.

ThatÂs it! HereÂs a sample for you.

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To upload pictures go to an upload site, like photobucket and follow directions.
I don't know waht to say without seeing at least a picture.
But there was a company which sold "havaland" with av ery similar mark to the real stuff. It was most often trimmed with bright gold, was poreclain but not the fine delicate stuff that "real" haviland is.
But I cant' seem to find a mark on the later stuff.
Linda C

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I collect a Haviland & Co. pattern, but I don't know much about Theodore Haviland patterns. My china has two marks, one in green for the china blank, and one in red for the decorator. It's tricky to identify Haviland china patterns because over 60,000 different patterns were produced by the Haviland companies, and the early patterns didn't have names or factory-assigned numbers. Eventually, an American woman named Arlene Schleiger categorized many of the popular patterns and assigned numbers to them, which Haviland dealers now use. (I don't know if the books list Theodore Haviland patterns or just Haviland & Co.) If you're lucky, your library will have copies and your pattern will be one of the ones included.

If not, make a black & white photo copy of the front and back of one of your plates and send or fax it to one of the big china matching services, such as (The pattern shows up better in black and white, BION.) Unless it's a rare pattern, they should be able to ID it for you. I've had excellent luck filling in my pattern with, as well as with a few other matching services. However, there are a lot of dealers, especially on eBay, who mis-identify patterns, so you do need to be careful.

I've attached a link to a page that shows some of the Haviland marks. The same site also has a history of the Haviland companies.

Hope this helps!

P.S. If you buy anything at, watch out for the items with "HC" in the name. This stands for "Hand-Crafted" and ironically means that an original piece has been modified. For example, one of the two handles on a bouillon cup may have been removed to make a teacup, or a silver handle may have been stuck on a modern serving piece such as a lasagna server.

Here is a link that might be useful: Haviland china marks

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I have a set of Theodore Haviland china. The Theodore is underlined. It is Limoge. I have dated it to 1903. The marl is red. Can any help me find out if it is worth anything?

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Check out Theodore Haviland on

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