Please help ID short sewing machine? base

nutmegerMarch 2, 2013

I just purchased a shorter height treadle style sewing machine base. Its insanely cute - perfect coffee table height - but I've never seen one so short! I have not seen any markings stamped in the iron. Is it indeed a sewing machine base? I was thinking for children but even that seems too short. Its dimensions are 18" tall at the bolts, 20" tall at the top of the wheel, 15.5" deep and 21" long. If anyone has clues I'd appreciate any information. Thanks! -- Pauline

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That is really sweet! It possibly had a set of drawers on either side holding up the top to the proper height.

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It had to have a superstructure, because the wheel sticks up above the base.

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I was starting to think that it also had a large set of something over it too. I do think its sooo adorable and industrial-chic. It will become a coffee table (I'll use reclaimed wood for the top) and having the wheel peek over the top of the table will add to its charm. My kids (teenagers) keep playing with the petal. I would love more of these but this is the first of its kind I've seen! Thanks!

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Disable the pedal movement and make the wheel immobile.

Those things are finger-traps.

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Good point.

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It looks like normal height to me. You have only the bottom part of the machine. A cabinet with 4 to 6 drawers fit on top of the frame and then the machine sat on top of the cabinet. The work surface would have been about 30 inches or more from the floor.

Usually, the drive wheel was on the right side. The sewing machine's head was directly above the drive wheel thus placing the needle end of the machine to the left.

I do not think this was from a Singer machine. Singers often incorprated the letter "S" in the scroll work of the frame or treadle.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

What a nice find--I have an old Sears Roebuck with the cabinet still attached.

There is a drawing and a story about a similar machine in the blog below:

Here is a link that might be useful: treadle sewing machine

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I learned to sew on a family owned treadle machine by Singer. It had belonged to my father's great aunt. We made all our clothes on it and preferred it to an electric machine because it was so easy and sensitive to control. That pedal is what we called the treadle, and you sat in front of it with both your feet on the treadle and rocked them back and forth to make it work. A rounded leather strap went around the big wheel and connected to the wheel of the sewing machine to operate it.

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Either this is not the complete frame, or it's very unusual. I collect and also use treadle sewing machines, and I've never seen one yet where the wheel exceeds the frame height. The drawers on old treadles with cabinets dropped down to either side of the frame, and did not sit on top of it, thus raising the height that much. Lots of machinery in the pre-motor era ran by treadle, not just sewing machines, but for industrial use, they weren't that fancy. The wheel must be accomodated for somehow,. It does not protrude past the bottom of the table base, ever, nor does the part of the cabinet with drawers ever sit on the frame.......just the flat bed of it. Go google pictures of treadle sewing machines and see what I mean.

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