Banging, Thudding Noises!!!

apartmentalAugust 14, 2012

Hello all:

I've lived in the same 2BR (actually 1BR plus a den) apartment for ten years now, on the second floor of a two story building.

Until about nine months ago, I had a longtime downstairs neighbor whose stereo/home theatre system I would occasionally hear, but it was always at a very reasonable volume and always very early in the evening... nothing that would ever prompt me to have to do anything. Other than this, I never heard the guy in any way.

Then, about six months ago, he moved out and was replaced with a young guy who, although I have yet to hear any electronically generated noise from, is ALWAYS making these banging, thudding noises in his bedroom (directly below mine). I don't know what he's doing, or what piece of furniture he's closing the door/drawer on, but this goes on mostly between 5:30-7:30 in the morning or between 10:00 and midnight. It's become very unnerving to be sitting or lying in bed and half-expecting the next THUD!!!! to resonate through the building.

What can I do? Maybe I was just spoiled because the two parties who had lived down there for the previous nine years NEVER made any of these types of noises? Have any of you experience the same thing? I guess I should count my blessings because it's nothing of the loud TV/stereo variety, but it's still annoying as hell and there are times that it's all I can do to not just jump up and down on the floor with all my weight to give this person a hint....

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My guesses are either an electronic drum set or that he's exercising, maybe using free weights.

You can certainly address the issue of the times that he makes these noises. That early in the morning and that late at night is inappropriate in shared living situation.

Check your lease to see if there is anything about quiet hours or being quiet in general. Start documenting the noise, writing down dates and times and relative degree of loudness, like "Loud thud woke me out of sound sleep at 5:45 am" or "Could not get to sleep until after midnight due to loud intermittent thumps from 10:30 to midnight."

Then, if you feel comfortable about approaching the downstairs tenant, go downstairs and introduce yourself. Explain that there is noise coming from his unit that disturbs you and your normal activities. Ask him nicely to make these noises either at different times of the day or perhaps in a different room, in the hopes that you won't hear the noise as much if he makes it in the living room or kitchen or wherever. He may not realize that sound can travel upwards, and he might be thinking that it's okay to make these noises because there is no one underneath him.

If you are not comfortable dealing directly with the tenant, just go straight to management. Give them a copy of your documentation, explain the problem, point out any parts of the lease that have to do with noise that the downstairs guy is breaking, and ask them to do their job.

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I would try going to talk to him first. I would just say, "Hi, I would like to introduce myself, I am your neighbor above you. I don't know if you are aware of this but there are these noises between the hours of blank and blank. They are very loud thuds. The noise is disturbing me, and I was wondering if you could do it a little later in the morning or a lot earlier than bedtime. He is probably having sex. I understand it is hard when you have good neighbors, and you are used to them being quiet then some loud ones move in. I am experiencing similar problems. Also, you can go to your landlord and ask them to speak to the tenant. If that doesn't work, I resort to calling the cops. In my situation, this hasn't been helpful lately. I am thinking I am going to write the neighbor a letter threatening a lawsuit. I won't go through with it, but you can do that I read it online. I will just threaten some money action, and I am sure that will stop the people below me from being so freaking loud.

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