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WIKimAugust 10, 2004

We have water in our bedroom. Nothing of ours is getting wet, YET. Called maint. Sun. no one came called Mon someone came and looked and it baffeled him. No one came Tues. We called Tues.(today) Now how do I get them to get this puddle of water out of my bedroom? What ever was leaking still is. I am soaking up water out of the carpet everyday and it is back in the morn. I am in MN if that matters at all in rules. I is probobly a big problem cuz there is no plumming in that area and we are on the ground floor and the walls are fine. ANd the radiators are not leaking (maint. determined that) So how long do I have to give them to fix it before I get to get something for my inconvienance (if ever)?

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Look up your state's landlord/tenant laws or call the state government and ask them where to get a copy.

Usually there is an exception for time limits when there is an emergency, and a flooding bedroom probably qualifies.

Sounds like a leak in an under-the-slab pipe to me.

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Turns out the sprinkler outside on that wall was shooting up under the siding. (I am sure there is/will be a big problem there one day is not right now) They say it is fixed and they will come and clean the carpet soon. If it doesn't happen this week I will have to get mean.

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