Begging for quarters! They don't know how to budget.

vw-driverAugust 30, 2006

Maybe I'm being trivial, but I don't like people begging from me! It's something I've noticed lately, as I'm walking home from the store, or going to get my mail. All of a sudden some random tenant is asking for quarters to do laundry. It even happened to me when I was outside using the payphone. I can't call overseas on my cel (it's my only phone), so I get a phone card and use the pay phone. In the middle of an important conversation, some ignorant fool interupts me asking for laundry change!

On occasion, I've had to use the laundry room in my apt complex. This is something I try to avoid. I'm afraid some low life who pissed his pocket money away on beer, is going to ask for money. That or asking to use some of my detergent! I've got enough trouble supporting my own self as it is. These guys can get an $80 shirt from the mall, but can't save $5 to wash their own clothes. The money I earn is mine, for my needs. It's not for my neighbors to mooch off me. There is not a Salvation Army sign on my door.

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Are they actually asking you for free quarters or asking if they can trade two dimes and nickle for a quarter?

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Know they aren't offereing to exchange anything. They just got their hand out. Even if they were trying to exchange, they really need to prepare, like I do. When I know 'll need to atp. complex laundry room, I got my laundry money ready in advance.

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Chances are good that they don't want laundry money, they want drug money.

I have no problem exchanging smaller coins or bills for quarters (as long as I don't need them, or the same person isn't making it a habit-- make plans and get your OWN danged quarters, you know?), but I never, EVER give money to random people asking for handouts, because 99.9% of the time, it's not for the "innocent" purposes they're requesting it for.

Call me cruel, but I am not the bank. I will (and do) gladly volunteer my time, and I hand out food on a regular basis, but never money-- nope, sorry, I am not about to support someone's narcotic or alcohol problem.

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I agree with CNVH

A few years back I took over a building and had to evict a tenant asap due to drug use. Since then he has been in and out of jail for drugs. In Feb I went out to eat and he was standing outside my window telling me a BS story about being from out of town and having his car break down. I looked at him said hi xxxxx he said "I remember you" said he didn't have car problems but still could use the cash.

I said no and he walked away.

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I used a commercial laundromat when I had my apartment. I used to tell my friends I was "saving up" to do my laundry. A wash was 50 cents and the dryers were ten cents for ten minutes. I saved all my loose change for my weekly trip there. I felt much safer than using the basement laundry in my apt building. I also overheard some interesting conversations. And one nice lady taught me how to fold my fitted sheets.

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Nobody's beeen trying to beg from me lately. Thank God. I guess word has got around, that I don't like being panhandled.

It's not an issue now, but over a year ago people that didn't live in my apartment complex were coming in to beg from residence coming in and out of their cars and apartments. The first section of buildings I'm located is right behind the gas station and some stores. At first they were loitering there, bothering people. Then the were venturing back into our residential area. I reported them, and other people were complaining. Luckily the management and security officer (off duty cop) took care of it. I didn't want to come home and get panhandled.

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