Scoring concrete floor

gregc73April 4, 2009

I need to cut a 24" X 24" hole in my basement floor to dig out a sump pit. Before I rent the jack hammer to break up the floor, I wanted to score the concrete so I don't spider web the entire floor. When scoring the floor, how deep should I go? I'm just using a circular saw and a masonry disk so I'm hoping just a small score with do the trick.

Anyone have any insight?

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That will just create a dusty mess. Instead, rent a rotary hammer, drill holes around the perimeter of the cut, and then break them with a sledgehammer.

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Just to close this thread, I did wind up scoring it with a circular saw and a masonry disk. I just wound up doing a quick pass around the perimeter...maybe a centimer deep. It wound up working out fine. The actual digging out of the 2 feet of clay and dirt was hard work, but I'm done, and happy.

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