Landlord wants me to buy new carpet b/c of dog

soggynachoAugust 7, 2006

I am interested in renting a duplex which has commercial grade loop carpet. I have a dog and although the landlord was hesitant about renting to me, said that he would if I agree to replace the carpets when I move out. He wants me to pay for the price of NEW carpet though. This doesn't seem fair to me.

I would like to know what a reasonable amount would be should anything happen to the carpet (I have read dogs nails will sometimes make loop (berber style) carpet run.)

He got a quote from Lowes hardware of $1,400 for carpet, pad, and instalation. The carpet in the apt. is not new, at least 1 year old but I'm not sure exactly how long its been there. I plan to live there 3 years if all goes well. To me, I should only pay for the remaining life expectancy of the carpet, which according to someone I talked to at Home Depot is 5-7 years. Which would mean there are only 3 years AT MOST left for this carpet taking the price I should pay down to less than half.

I told him that I am confident my dog would not damage the carpet, although she has never been on berber so I don't know what that will do to it... but I would not want to pay for $1400 in new carpet. He is calling me in the morning after he talks to his wife. He sounds like he wants to work with me. (I only thought of the pro-rated idea after I talked to him today)

Can anyone give me advice on how to word this to the landlord, or any (polite) arguements I can give me as to his high expectations of me as a tenant.

Also any ideas on fair depreciation values... what should I be expected to cover after living there 3 years and starting with 1-2 year old carpet?

thanks for any advice. I've been looking all summer for a place like this.

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I feel this thread is now better suited for the flooring forum and I am continuing it there. Here is a link if you are interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Flooring Forum

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yes maybe the flooring forum would be a better place to get answers about the rug details, etc.

But i'm curious why your landlord doesn't just insist on a security deposit from which he can take the money to repair any damages. to keep the money for the damages, he'd have to prove that the dog has done more than normal wear and tear, and if you had pictures showing how aged the carpet is already, i'd guess he wouldn't get the full replacement cost.

on the other hand, if you're willing to work with him, why don't you pay now to replace the carpet, and take it with you when you move. that way at least you get the benefit of the new carpet (and your pick of color, etc.). the land lord can hold onto what is removed and replace it later when you move out.

just a thought....i don't it's really fair that you should have to agree now to pay full price on a new carpet to replace an old carpet, which may not need replacing when you move anyway....

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There is already a security deposit in the amount of one month's rent.
Perhaps there are slim pickings this time of year or he has come to realize that the carpet would not last as long as he originally thought- at any rate he has agreed to rent me the apartment without my promising to replace with new carpet.
Good for me, and my dog will be happy too;)

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