Wish Me Luck!

DLM2000March 22, 2010

I have a buyer/appraiser coming over to looks some things over, some for insurance purposes some for *possible* sale. We'll see how this goes..... wish me luck!

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Oh my.....never sell to the person who appraises your stuff....
It's a famous old warning....based on the fact that the dealer/appraiser says....that's not worth much....but I'll give you $25 for it.
Don't sell anything to this person!!
Linda C

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No, Linda not what I meant - I worded that badly. He won't be buying just offering suggestions on who to contact for specific items that I might sell and what I might expect to hear in numbers. This is someone I've known for years - he is in the business and could conceivably be interested but since he mostly deals in coins and I have none, it's not likely. He's married to a classmate of mine from grade school, lives a few blocks away - not a rip off artist. And if he is interested in buying anything, I won't sell on the spot - will check further first - promise! But thanks for the heads-up.

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How did the appraisal go ?

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Well, it was interesting. These were not appraisals in the strict sense - more like current market values and market strategies. And certainly some of that is his personal opinion. For example, he said there is little market value for the dessert/tea set I posted about last month because it's dark and heavy looking and people want lighter, whiter china at the moment. Maybe, maybe not.

Much of what I asked about he suggested be brought to a local auction house
in lots - all crystal in one lot, all china in another, all silver in another. I've been trying to make contacts with Heisey collectors for my crystal since it would seem smart to go directly to those interested in that manufacturer. But I've had no luck getting responses to any emails through the Heisey museum or clubs listed. So I may end up taking it to auction after all. However, looking at that site - holy cow they have a lot of stuff - and it boggles my mind to think they actually turn it over every two weeks. Is that even possible?

The jewelry was a whole 'nuther story. That he wants to buy. He said he'd come back with a scale to weigh out any gold, pieces that have stones are valued lower because no matter the stones, precious or semi or paste, there is no value to the pieces remaining intact.....yadda yadda yadda. I stopped listening because I know he's just wrong. Certainly not every piece is going to be a draw but I know some of the vintage rose gold pieces will be for the right person - problem is finding that person. Meantime, I took a bracelet to my brother who is in the antique clock business and has 'people' to contact for selling gold. It was an 18k hammered multi chain piece, he weighed it out, made 2 calls, found out the current market value and the purchase percentage - done. I'm happy with the price and have one less piece of gilt/guilt that I'm not wearing or using! One down, 457 to go :-/

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Don't you just hate it when you hope for "Unbiased" and get "personal agenda"? Our local antique mall sells a lot of jewelry items on consignment. They have the locked display cases and you set the price. If they get an offer within your range they call to see if it's acceptable. They, of course, get a percentage.

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"in lots" generally means less $. At least at any auctions I've been to. That's where the buyer might strike it lucky, snapping up a lot of something and getting a hidden prize(s).

Would it be too much of a pain to try to sell on ebay and just cut out the middleman? Or did we discuss that already and I'm having another mental pause moment? (They're getting bad, but I figure you can relate ;D )

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Last month I had the good fortune to find an antiques dealer who made a monthly practice of going to the local ( he lives in Florida) sliver and gold dealer just the day before the guy who buys it all to melt down, and buys the intact pieces...not the things with a piece missing or badly bent...but the good pieces of silver and gold, for just a touch over the scrap price....then he brings them back to hos shop and marks them up just a touch over what he paid.
I bought some very VERY good buys as did my friend....and there were otheres there before us who got probably more choice pieces.
So the people who sold their gold and silver....gave a profit to 2 people and still gave me a huge bargain.
Huge mistake to sell for scrap prices unless it's one earring or otherwhise un repairable.
As for selling in lots? Unless you just want it out of your house....don't. If you want it out of your house....set a price and put an ad in the paper.
Linda C

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Linda I can;t imagine having any luck with an ad in the paper - could be wrong but it seems unlikely. I do want to lighten the load (sounds much better than 'out of the house'!) and have to figure out the best venue based on item, I guess. That's what made the 'lot' idea somewhat attractive but I understand how that relates to lower prices.

moonshadow we don;t use ebay anymore. Had some good experiences buying and selling but have also had some really bad experiences with both and that's the more recent and far more common experience. Our Paypal was hacked, we've run into scammers with WAY too much time on their hands. Sorting through their nonsense takes more work than it's worth considering the risk. Wish it wasn't so, but ebay is not an option for us anymore.

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I live in Newark, home of Heisey. They have an annual convention at the campus down the street from us; I don't remember when it is. I seriously doubt there is anyone at the museum responding to your type of email since I'm not even sure they have paid staff. Plus, the museum is having a benefit auction in April so they're probably busy. I don't know where they get their items. We usually have ads in the local paper looking to buy Heisey. I'll keep an eye out for you if you're not in a big rush. I would not sell Heisey in a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's an auction from last year

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My neighbor sold coins & had a huge safe in his house, twice he was robbed. Another lady had an antique shop in her house(no longer allowed) & she was getting scared as some very strange acting people started showing up towards the end. Some would glance around & ask where the "gold" was. Her husband went & got his gun & had it under his jacket as they thought they were going to be robbed. They had gone back east every summer to her sis's & would bring back a whole truck load of great stuff from yard sales mostly & sometimes someone had died & her sis knew them & they gave them a fair amount & then added more on items out here as things were going for more. Do be careful!

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