Moving to Apt After 33 Years in Mini-Home

mirrenAugust 15, 2005

After about a year of coaxing my husband finally convinced me to sell our home and move to an apt. We move in on Sept 2. It is a very nice concrete building. It has two bedrooms, one and a half baths. Fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer in the apt. Lots of storage. Carpet in bedrooms but ceramic tile in all the other rooms. It is on the second floor and has a balcony but I must say the balcony is very small. Heat and hot water are included and there is an elevator and underground parking for one car with extra storage in the garage for tires, etc. We will share month to month on the underground parking as we have two cars. Downstairs there is a large common room where people gather and I guess one could rent it for parties, etc. There is also a small library and a room with exercise equipment. The building is two and a half years old. Actually the sq footage is larger than our current mini-home. We have lived in this park for 33 years and I always had a large yard and garden but we have had four mini-homes during that time. The one we just sold is 8 years old. It has 1080 sq ft and the apt has 1300 sq ft. For this we will pay $950 a month. I know I am starting to ramble but we move in 15 days and I think I am getting the jitters.

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how old are you and how long have you been married?

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I am 60 and have been married 35 years. My husband is 57.

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What is a mini-home?

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manufactured home or mobile home

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Moving after all that time would give anyone the jitters... Its a lot of work and its stressful to move.

Have you tried making a list of the postives about moving?
What do you see as the postives ?

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The positives are no more mowing the lawn, weeding the garden or shovelling snow. No more being responsible when appliances such as hot water heater goes, etc. We are moving to a lovely building which is only 2-1/2 yrs old. It is actually larger than our present home. It has lots of storage and fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer in the apt. It has underground parking and is quite close to stores, restaurants, etc. I think it will be a good thing. On the other hand I am losing my garden, sense of being a homeowner, costs more to live in the apt than now because our home is paid for, feeling that I cant choose to buy appliances I want(such as a propane stove. I always wanted one but didnt buy one so why should I think I would buy one now LOL). In the mobile I seem to have windows everywhere I look. In the apartment there are windows in the livingroom and patio door to the very small balcony and windows in the two bedrooms but not in the bathrooms or kitchen. Also I have not had anyone above or below or beside me for 33 years. This is a concrete bldg and supposed to be sound proof so I am sure that will be okay. We will have a sense of no responsibility so that is good. I think I am just a bit panicky. Our place sold within 24 hours. We are packed except for what we need and we move Sept 2. I am working that day so my husband is going to handle the move.

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Maybe you could treat yourself to new furniture, new window coverings and accessories--a whole new look--something to look forward to.

In an apartment building, it is also helpful to greet/make small talk with other residents when you encounter each other in the common areas. Is there a common garden on the property?

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Hi Krustytopp - yes I believe we are going to buy a new sofa and chair and perhaps some other things we need. Definitely new window treatments. There is no common garden on the property. However, my son just moved and just before he moved a woman moved out of his building and left him all her indoor plants. He has given them to me to keep for him for a few months so now I find myself with seventeen house plants to care for. After we get moved and settled in I plan to take pictures of them and post on the Garden Web and see if I can identify most of them. I also work on a casual basis (usually about 35 hours a week) which is hardly casual so it is not that I will have nothing to do. It is just such a big change after 33 years. It must be bothering me more than I thought because I have been eating my face off for the past month. Now I just want to get it done and over with. We move on Sept 2 but our place doesnt close until Sept 30 so we still have to come back here almost every day for the month to make sure everything is all right. I am sure it will be fine but it takes getting used. I told my husband I will feel like I am living in a hotel but with no maid LOL.

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one nice thing about fewer windows: more wall space for hanging artwork, etc.

I know it's a big change, but I think you'll be glad to not have show to shovel, etc. As a grownup, I've only lived in apartments, and I'd be really nervous about moving to a house. I like having someone else remember to take the garbage out, someone else shovels, etc.

The one thing I wish for you is that you could buy a condo instead of renting, but I'm sure you'll do fine.

And if you really still wish you could garden, mention it to your managing agent--they may be very happy for you to take care of the flower beds, etc.

Good luck!

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No I am quite satisfied to just pay rent. This way if we dont like the apt we can just move. A year's lease the first year and then month to month after that if we wish. We really dont want the responsibility of owning anymore. As to the garden, I'm going to try it with these 17 house plants I have inherited for this year. Today we bought a new leather sofa and a massage recliner which I hope compliments our other one. (or is that complements). So Friday is the big day.

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Well, we are moved in. The highway traffice is much noisier than I thought but I am sure I will adjust to that. The bedroom closets are smaller than I thought but they are adequate. We have a lovely view of a lake and sunset (across the highway) which we enjoy. The appliances are all quite new (about two years) and work well. Self cleaning oven which I have never had before. There is plenty of hot water and pressure. The rooms are large with good storage. My motto still is "if it doesn't fit here, it doesn't live here". So I guess we will settle in for the winter.

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thanks for the update, mirren. I hope that noise fades rapidly for you.

I know when my dad comes to visit, he comments on the footfalls upstairs (they're not that loud or frequent), or every time the elevator runs (it opens directly into the apartment, so you can hear it). I never hear those things, normally--it drives me nuts when he comments, bcs suddenly I'm noticing something I generally just erase.

I'm sure my ears hear those things; my mind just refuses to "store" them.

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My hubbie and I moved into an apt a year ago after living in our own homes for 50 yrs. I love it. The place is nice and the building is well maintained. How nice to look out the window to watch SOMEONE ELSE do the lawn mowing and snow shoveling!!!! It was interesting downsizing our stuff when it was time to move. A local organization that takes in homeless animals and finds them homes was having a gorage sale fundraiser so I just donated my good but unwanted appliances and things. We bought some new furniture and a hide-a -bed for visiters. (But haven't told my brother-in-law we have it otherwise he would visit too ofter !) How mean of me! Dottie from northern Mn.

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We have been here a month now and I must say I am really happy in our apt. The traffic noise has faded and I hardly notice it. The balcony size is adequate. Our view of the lake and sunsets is beautiful. Other people in the building all seem friendly. I am slowly getting things organized. Buying a few new things and getting rid of other things. I didnt think I would say it but I am now glad we sold and moved here.

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congrats, mirren.

change is always hard, but this seems like it may be good!
keep us informed.

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It sounds like you folks had the same idea when you moved to an apartment. I have owned two manufactured homes myself, and just moved to an apartment in January both to simplify my life and to get closer to work. One home was a single-wide which I lived in for about four and a half years, and then I bought a double-wide and was in there for five years. The last place sold within two weeks, which was great. I was getting tired of mowing lawns and shoveling snow in winter

I have not lived in an apartment complex in nearly 19 years, and after living out in a more rural area where it was very quiet, living in an apartment does take some adjustment. For the most part, I am very happy with my unit. I am a single man, 52 years of age and currently work at Penn State University. My apartment is only 2.5 miles from work and just over a mile to where I do my grocery shopping, so it is perfect. Also, the bus runs through here, so on wintry days, I can just hop the bus rather than drive. No more snow shoveling!

Like you, I have a freeway beyond a good tree buffer and it has taken time to get use to that, especially the big rigs. It will be much better when the trees are in leaf. Beyond the freeway, more trees, so it is really a nice view all in all, and since I like to walk for exercise, there are is a rail-trail that runs just below the building I am in. One part runs into the woods, and the other actually ends near town and not far from the university.

My unit is a good size one bedroom with a den. The floors are concrete, so not much noise carries through from upstairs, but a little does, mainly from the den area which has not carpet. Most of the tenants are graduate students, but by in large, they are pretty quiet. The den is great, and on a sunny day is almost like a sun-room.

I found this forum just to see what others have experienced, and it seems like a pretty good deal compared to some of the apartment nightmares I have read. So mirren, I hope you folks continue to have a good experience with your apartment.

Regards, David

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It will be good for you at your age not to have to do outside maintenence. Apt life does have good advantages too.
The plants you have will make you feel good, I too have them as I lost a garden 15 years as well. It is no big deal.

Good luck to you !

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