Need information on Chippendale Cabinet

Chickenmom2013March 9, 2013

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any information on this piece of furniture. I am told it is a Chippendale secretary cabinet, or something like that. I am thinking of selling it and am not sure of value, etc.

Thank you!

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Oh, that's a pretty piece...envy, envy :-)

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Can you show a picture of how the front of the drawer attaches to the side of the drawer? The dovetailing.

And a closeup with a better camera and lighting of the details of the wood banding?

Have you looked on all surfaces for a maker's mark or store stamp?

It looks like one of the many Chippendale style secretary-desks made in the 1920s, 30s, 40s etc. It appears to be higher class than most: the 2-tone banding, what looks like crotch veneer on the drawers ... that's good detail.

It's a useful size, looks to be in good condition ... it depends on what the demand in your area is. Check consignment shops and Craigslist for comparables.

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It is nice. These were popular in the 30ties and 40ties. Not a great amount of value. Maybe $1,500.

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It's Regency(if UK) Empire (If French) or Federal (if USA), but we have to presume that it's a 20th century revival, not a priceless original. The style is 40 years after chippendale.
It's also very lovely and desirable IMO. It's slim enough to put in any room. Probably glow like an ember if waxed and buffed out.

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also called a "secretary bookcase"

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