gas won't be turned on for over three weeks

swtpeazieAugust 4, 2009

Hello, I have just rented an apartment today and was given a list of the utilities to turn on. I went to turn on service, but gas won't be able to be turned on for almost a month. I wouldn't have been so quick to rent this apartment if there was no gas, as it is a gas stove. Is this something I can complain to the mgr about or not and get some of my rent back, but since it's not his fault really, I don't know what to do. It really sucks to not have all utilities working. There is no electricity or gas in the apt at all as of today. I checked.

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Yes, talk to the manager.
Three weeks for a turn on is outlandish. Why the delay?
In my area (and it's a monstrous utility company), it's 5 days max.

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Why the delay? My only guess is you owe a bill and you are on a payment plan to pay that off before the gas company gives you more? The utility companys can only bill you for what you owe.

Obviously Gas is not an included part of your rent, why do you think the new landlord is responsible for your gas bill?

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