installing interior framed walls

gerry422April 3, 2013

I have a small basement less than 500sq ft and have layed the subfloor, Platon by Armtec. I have the concrete exterior walls insulated with styrofoam and the framing done along the exterior which is screwed into the concrete floor.
The floor slopes about 3 inches from the outside wall to the center where the drain is. I want to add 3/4 inch plywood atop the Platon subfloor and then carpet. I plan on shimming the plywood floor to level the floor. By doing this the concrete floor will have a slope but the interior floor will be level. So there will be a gap between the Platon subfloor and the plywood floor.

My question is should I lay the plywood floor first and then attach the inside wall studs to the plywood? Screwing the floor studs to the plywood not into the concrete.
Or should I install the interior wall studs from ceiling to the subfloor, ie concrete, and the plywood floor would be still shimmed until level up against these walls.

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inside wall studs

Assuming this refers to dividing walls for rooms, I would anchor the baseplates to the floor directly to be sure they are secure. Placing the baseplates on top of strips of 1" XPS provides a thermal break and protects them from any minor flooding.

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If I understand you correctly, the baseplates for each interior wall should be anchored thru the 3/4 plywood all the way into the concrete. I do not know what XPS is.

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I should have been clearer. I would anchor the baseplates to the concrete first, then add the plywood later for the reasons I mentioned above. This is not to say that this is the "right" way. XPS is the abbreviation for extruded polystyrene.

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You might want to consider flattening the floor before doing anything else.

Shimming out a below grade floor is a PITA.
You need pressure treated shims and treated plywood also.

Despite the membrane you have to worry about condensation rotting out the wood.

" Platon creates an impermeable vapour barrier"

Here is a link that might be useful: Platon

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