Anyone recognize this glass pattern?

javaandjazzMarch 8, 2010

I am posting this for a friend. His mother(who is 85) gave it to him and it was from her mother. We noticed the star of David in it but don't think it's jewish related. Thanks for your help!

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It's a cake plate....and by the handle style looks like from about 1870 or so....maybe a little later.
I don't recognize the pattern....any chance it could have been made some where but the US?
Linda C

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Look for mark or country name on of under the handles or on edge of plate, hold it up to really good light. It's interesting!! I haven't seen that pattern before. Almost looks like windows around edge.

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It's pressed glass...almost no chance it would have a mark.
To learn more about this type of glass, check out the link below....I just got lost there for an hour!!
I don't see your plate listed, but perhaps you could email them a picture of it?
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: pattern glass

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Got it from the Pattern Glass link above ...thanks!
The pattern of his plate or cake plate is Scroll with Flowers made by the Central Glass Co. during the 1870s.

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Now I know another pattern!
So now are you tempted to look for other pieces in that pattern? EAPG can be addictive!
Linda C

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This isn't my plate. It belongs to a friend of mine. We go to fleamarkets and antique shows and I'm sure we will see the pattern but not sure if he will add now. Have too much already. Thanks!

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