ventilation between cement block and finished wall

uniflowApril 18, 2011

Our basement stays dry even during extended severe rains. The only hint of moisture is a couple damp blocks in one area we want to finish. The plan is using steel studs and a finish wall that is unaffected by moisture.

Completely sealing out the moisture seems like a loosing battle to me. And the fact that so little is noticeable temps me to just live with it and depend on ventilation and a good dehumidifier to control it.

I am thinking of keeping the back of the studs about 1" from the block wall and installing ventilation grills at the top and bottom of of the finish wall in a couple places.

This will allow air circulation between the finished and block walls.

I know this is not smart from the insulation standpoint but I believe it will keep the block wall dry enough to not grow mold.

There are probably better ways to do this I am unawre of so please feel free to comment.


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You want the best strategy for finishing a basement without insulation?

Paint the walls with latex paint that won't inhibit the moisture transfer in and out and dehumidify like crazy.

Any other "finishing" will just exacerbate moisture problems.

Unless it's protected from moisture, whether liquid or airborne, by appropriate insulation, light steel framing doesn't belong in a basement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Building Science: Basements

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