Becoming a Paid member??

Dotty9August 22, 2005

My membership ran out awhile back,and I would like to join again,so that I can go into all the forums.But is the only way you can join is with a credit card,or pay pal?? I really don't want to use a credit card; I would like to just send in my check the way I did before. Can you still do that? Dotty

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Check on the GardenWeb Home page at if it doesn't say how to send a check on the Become a Member link then email the folks who run GardenWeb and ask them.

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Dotty(..If you are like me, the last thing you want to do is put your credit card or bank numbers on the web. I found that when making online purchases I go to Staples Office supply and get prepaid credit cards.

In this manner I can get a card that will cover the amount i intend to authorize but they automatically limit out at whatever amount I have prepaid so no one can run up charges against me.

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The only wayto pay for membership, at this point is Paypal. You can use your CC with Paypal or have it drwn directly from your checking account.

Why do people not want to use a CC online? It doesn't make sense to me. It is as safe or more than using it in a restaurant. Most of the time a human never sees your acct number, unlike in brick and mortar places AND you aren't responsible for any of the charges IF by some chance somehow someone used your card. The CC company picks it up.

I have been buying online for 7 years and the only time I have had a problem with my CC is when I used it at Lowes in town (not online) and the clerk sent my number to NY.

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