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jayhApril 18, 2007

My sump pump that came with the house I bought died from this noreaster monday. We had a power outage and by the time my power came back, my non-submersible pedestal sump pump (A Flotec PM3600D) was underwater and not functioning So I borrowed a submersible pool pump and pumped out all the water (A lot!! ran for 12+ hours though itÂs a small flow pump) Anyway, I need to replace it but would like to find a submersible pump. Basement is unfinished and I already plan for water so no big deal, no real damage or anything which is why I donÂt think I need to go with the battery backup DC sump pump. Unfortunately, looking at all the submersible pumps with an auto float valve, they donÂt seem to move a lot of water per pump cycle. My pedestal sump pumps sits in a sump well about 15" wide and a good 20" or so deep and it moves a lot of water per cycle. IÂm afraid during heavy water seepage, a submersible sump pump would almost be running constantly, however, IÂve yet to find a submersible pedestal sump pump....

Do you know of any? Is the reason they donÂt make a submersible pedestal pump because of overheating? One can assume that the submersibles being underwater could use the naturally cold rainwater as a cooling source cause obviously it canÂt be vented to the air? The pedestal sumps are air cooled...which makes them not submersibleÂ

Is there a submersible pump that can pump a large volume and from a large sump well??? Should I be concerned about this?

Also, I am fairly certain that my Flotec 3600D is 1 1/4" NPT female thread as I measured it and it has about a roughly 1.5" outer diameterÂ

Seems to indicate that a 1.5" NPT is about 1.90" outer diamter and that is not the case..

My output tube is a 1 1/2" PVC piping connected to a fixed PVC line through my foundation connected via a rubber hose clamp. I would assume that if I was to buy a 1 1/2" NPT sump pump I could get a converter and run it that way, IÂm not concerned at all for loss of flow or anything.


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i just recently bought a new sump when our old one bit it. i cant remember what brand exactly, but it is a 1/2 hp submersible that flows 3500 gpm and works great. empties water 3x as fast as the old 1/4 hp p.o.s.! it has a 1 1/2 in outlet. i will check when i get home at the brand name

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But how much travel does it have on it's float valve, I can assume it's a vertical activator? My pedestal sump pump has a long travel such that it only runs about once/twice a minute during the heaviest of leakage. A small submersible one would be running ever 10 seconds or so on/off/on/off! I have not heard of being able to or anybody macguyvering the switch to allow it to run less but pump more.. I have a sump well that is about 15" diameter and about 20" deep.

Your sump must be 3500gph (not 35000 gpm :-) ) and decreasing as your head height increases. Of course, many submersible pumps are twice as much as pedestal ones and mine has been here since '99 according to a sticker I found on it.


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Look into the Little Giant submersible sump pumps...they make at 1/2 hp unit that will put out 5000 GPH @ 5' of head.
I have one of their 1/3hp pumps--this replaced a very old pedestal great.

They both have an automatic pressure switch...the 1/2hp unit kicks on when water reaches 8-12" and shuts off at 1-4".

Here is a link that might be useful: 1/2hp Little Giant

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I just checked the LG, in fact the small pool pump I borrowed is a Little Giant, worked slow but well as an emergency pump.

Those 1/2 HP Little Giants are quite pricey $350+ although the TSW looks like a good product..

I saw this online for $147 and it has a built in-high water alarm and available DC battery backup...

Sounds good to me, but unfortunately my order for the Hechingers has already come to bear unless I return it...


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I did not think of the cost of the 1/2Hp LG's...I should have known. They really have seen to go up in least locally. I got my 1/3hp LG about two years from a local plumbing supply store for about $125. I called yesterday about picking up a second one (I have two pits)...and they now want $172! I guess I will buy one off Ebay.

I will have to look at the TSW...I have small pits...only 12" in diameter and 16" deep.

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My pit is about the same diameter as yours the OP's. I use tether switches to control my submersible pumps without any problems. You can even buy a separate tether switch (or separate the original one), allowing you to adjust the placement and length of the tether to suit you pit and pump. Of course you won't want it to suck dry or catch on any obstructions. I felt vertical switchs had too short of throw for my needs.

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