Treadmill in apartment

MarionRAugust 19, 2003

Does anyone own a treadmill in an apartment? Have you ever gotten complaints from your neighbors? Did you have to ask permission from the apartment management?

I live on the top floor (3rd floor) of an apartment building. We have wall-to-wall carpeting. There is 1 apartment below me and the garage below them.

We want to buy a treadmill but are afraid that the noise might bother the tenants below us. We don't want to ask these tenants for "permission" because if they say no, we will be put in a situation if we go ahead and do it anyways.

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Simple enough; if you have suspicions that the noise might bother your neighbors, don't buy it.

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I think I am paranoid about upsetting anyone. But I also feel that I should be able to do what I want in my own home.

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My apartment stated it in the lease before I moved in. No one on the second floor can have exercise equipment. I don't think a treadmill would make that much noise though, do you? Another apartment complex I lived in was fine with it. People even had their exercise equipment out on the second and third floor balcony. Read your lease, maybe it says something regarding it. I would think as long as you are not running on it at 4 a.m. it would be okay :) Good luck!

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We live in a 2 floor apt. and have a treadmill on the 2nd floor.
When my DW is using it, I can hear her thumping from downstairs in the den, but my next door neighbors claim that they never hear a thing.

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Marion -
treadmills usually make little noise, especially compared to doing aerobics or a jumprope. Take one home on approval and ask the neighbor to let you listen and see if it makes a lot of noise. You can also mount them on a piece of 3/4 inch plywood with extra-heavy padding to minimize any thumping.

The ban against "exercise equipment" is usually to prevent people from moving several tons of weight bench gear onto the third floor and collapsing it.

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I live on the 2nd floor and have a treadmill. I asked my downstairs neighbor to please let me know if it ever bothered her. I talked to her recently and she says she never hears it and I've sometimes ventured to use it at 6am or 10pm. It has shock absorbers tho so maybe that's why.

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I've lived on the first floor when the people on the 2nd floor had a treadmill. It sounded like a train above my head (had hardwood floors), but I didn't really mind. They asked if it would bother me first before they got it. They only used it for about an hour a day around 6pm. I just went to another room if it got too loud.

I think most people won't mind if you use it at a reasonable time and not for hours at a time. I would say, "We're getting a treadmill, but we don't want to disturb you. Is there any time you would really like us not to use the treadmill?" Most people are reasonable about something like this, as long as you are. I think it's better to, maybe when one of you is using it, go downstairs and see if it's loud and let them know if it's a bad time, they can ask you to stop. Did that make any sense at all? Let your neighbors know that you're not just completely oblivious to their feelings about things.

I'm confusing myself, so I'm going to stop now.

~Jordyn (who really shouldn't try to post a message early in the morning)

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Ask the landlord.He will give you a truthful answer,I don't think treadmills make noise.I had one and the only noise comeing from it was my huffing and puffingAnd my dragging it from under the bed,If you have carpet I don't think it will matter.

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I'm on 6th floor. My neighbors above me on 7 got a treadmill, and I did hear it (and they had carpeting).
Our compromise was 2 pronged.

- Not to use it at hours that would really annoy me , like 5 AM

- and to let me use it once in a while.

(we also had a good relationship - she took care of my cats on vacation, I took care of hers)

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I think anyone who says that they don't hear the sound of a treadmill must be going deaf or something cause my ugly neighbor upstairs has one and that thing rattles the light fixture and makes and awful noise not only the rumbling of the motor and thumping from the feet, but also from the squeeky floor. Or those neighbors must be really nice and/or are push overs, or probably don't want to say anything cause they're afraid you may retaliate against and accuse them of making noise. I filed a complaint against them and the landlord said that they were not suppose to have a treadmill, but I called to complain again and when I spoke to the lady they said that those ugly people stated that they did not have a treadmill.

They lied, they also lied about they not having a guy living up there which would be a violation of their lease cause they are on welfare and lied to get their benefits. So, I'm not surprised that they lied about having a treadmill. If they lied to the the City of New York to receive welfare benefits, then lying about having a treadmil is a peice of cake.

So, I guess you can have a treadmil all you have to do is lie about it and contradict your neighbors saying that they are hearing things and are lying. You could run all the time, but when you end up in court just keep lying. I'm going to keep pushing the complaint tho and make sure they get discovered for the liars they are.

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I wonder if it's an issue to have a treadmill on a 2nd floor apartment if there's just a storage area underneath your unit? My place has outside access to units and the one below me is just a place for storing stuff, so d'you think the noise would travel across the landing to my neighbor? Hm...

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I don't think it would be an issue if there is no one living under you llcoco.

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How about an elliptical instead? They tend to be much quieter than treadmills.

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If you're renting, ask your landlord or, better yet, review your lease. If you own, like we do, most people stop to ask a board member in the elevator. You may be surprised what you aren't supposed to own. Often restrictions are due to laws but sometimes they're for 'community well-being'.

We bought a Cybex trainer thing about a month ago. We have a two-story apartment and, like the poster above said, it's nearly silent even with the arms moving. It's in an area above our home office and I barely hear the beeps as it moves through a workout program.

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Treadmills make little noise, are you kidding come over to my apartment and then tell me about them not being noisy. The lady upstairs has a treadmill, she runs 1 hour a day and I can not stand it much longer. Why would anyone buy a treadmill if they are going to make others have to deal with all the noise they make, and yes they do make alot of noise. I will get her thrown out of that apartment one way or another because she is making my life a living hell.

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Years ago when I lived in a well built apartment (concrete with sound insulation) I had a treadmill. But I did put a big quilt underneath to soften the sound. Neighbor below never complained. While if I got a treadmill where I currently live, the guy below me will be knocking on my door in mere minutes.
If you can hear your neighbors through the walls, or the person below you talking. I wouldn't get a treadmill, they are loud.

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