Basement drywall options

samantha_okApril 15, 2006

I need to drywall our new construction basement( dug a hole, cement walls, exterior barrier, internal and external drain). I am planning on putting extruded polystyrene foam on the walls then I need to cover it with drywall. I have read about the GP Dens armour product which is paperless but does anyone know if it will let any water that is in the cement walls egress through the dens armour? Or does anyone know of a drywall product that will resist mold and let the water through the drywall?

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you certainly don't want water to go through the wallboard. You could use "blue board" which is used for bathrooms however, it's a bit more per sheet than regular board. Why not put up construction plastic and then use the mold proof wall board?

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Not direct water but condensation that will leave the cement wall and need to go somewhere rather than harbor mold. Any type of plastic barrier will not work.What is blueboard and is it water permeable?

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Build an air gap between the drywall and the insulation.
Also remember to hold the drywall off the floor by at least an inch or so in case water ever puddles. The baseboard can cover the gap.

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