Can you identify these china patterns

mikeiiMarch 8, 2010

I received these pieces from my grandmother. She didn't remember where she got them or anything about them. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Site

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The first is Japanese "flow blue"...sort of an early version of that sort of pattern called "Geisha Ware".
It appears to be porcelain...if it's not...then I was all wrong! LOL!
The second is much newer as you can tell by "micro safe" on the bottom.
Don't know the pattern but you can find it on Replacements I'll bet.
Linda C

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Thank you. I did go to Replacement for the Newcor and only saw white ones there. I haven't seen any with this pattern.
I will keep looking. The other one I had no idea what it was.
I tried to look up Geisha Ware and found nothing that looked the same. Are there any books that you recommend that have patterns to look at. I just want to further my knowledge on these.
Thank You Again.

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The leaf shaped dish is not a "Pattern" in that it had cups and saucers's a dish that was made in Japan....and not made for export...just a dish.

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About the maker's mark:

The last line is: copyright 1986 newcor

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Type in "Newcor china" in Google & several sites are there the company is still in business I think tho hard to tell, CEO stepped down in 1996. Sells lot of other types of goods. I found some dishes but not this 1. It is copied from the Japanese "Imari paneled" dishes which were copied by lots of companies,English & American. Chinese also made it so it is a favorite pattern I can't find what Newcor called it tho. The No. 846 is referring only to the solid colored so wonder if they hired someone to "finish" them with this pattern, if so why wouldn't it have it on the back. Strange!! I have a bowl in Imari so I recognized it right away. Mine has more blue so at least they did some changing on it. I have it packed away (quakes) so can't compare them but they are different so as not to confuse anyone. 1986 is not that far back so would think they would be available unless they are a much loved pattern & people don't part with those. Ebay may have some, I didn't try there.

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Thank You everyone for pointing me in the right way. I was wondering if there are any books that you would recommend to me for identifying china. Thanks

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I have lot of books but each just has few examples such as "Kovels' Depression Glass & American Dinnerware Price List 3rd edition. Turn to dinnerware section & Newcor not listed at all. That just means Ralph & Terry Kovel had to limit their listings to most popular or ones they were familiar with including list of factories(2 1/2 pages) & when they were in business. So it covers a lot of dishes & in alphabetical form it has some black & white pics of various patterns but when you get to American Modern by Russel Wright it gives the backstamp along with 2 pics. Some it gives the backstamp & no pic so if you have El Patio by Fransciscan all you get is 7 colors listed with 1 or more prices to give you idea of what it was worth when book published. A lot of Judith Miller books are in Antique section at bookstore but that is English stuff so unless your parents came from England & you inherited a house full of English antiques they would probably not be anything you would find much of unless you live where most people came from England. Check out library & see what books they have & also the reference section of your library & see what books they have & look them over. I have a couple of books I bought in a hurry & they mostly just have 1 pic per page so you get 350 pieces of glass & nice if you have some otherwise kind of waste of money(The Knopf Collector' Guides to American Antiques")but tell you about each company & when they were in business so could be valuable if just learning. Knopf's Pottery & porcelain has an index so I looked & no Newcor listed. Official price guides by House of Collectibles has no index but they have all the Lenox plate borders, lots of backstamps & table of contents in the front, Newcor not included in 1995 edition. So you have to be sure of what you are buying. Print this off & you can see if book measures up. Just because a pattern isn't in a book does not mean it isn't collectible, it just wasn't popular or readily available to the authors. Sometimes better to just search Internet for an item or ask here!! Good Luck!

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In this age of the internet....your best resource is the net....just google around and most anything you want is there.
Books are quickly outdated but on -line sources can be as fresh as today.
Linda C

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I don't think the leaf-shaped dish is Japanese. Just Japanese inspired. Even though the design is Japanese, the dish is not of a style they'd make for their own domestic use. I suspect it is a late Victorian American piece. That was an era when flow blue with Japanese motif was common, and so were leaf-shaped and floral shaped dishes.

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Wow, I didn't think it was that old. I thought maybe 1930-1940. I wish there was a way to search the Internet by picture. If I remember correctly isn't late Victorian around 1840-1900. I may be wrong. I have been reading the old posts and I'm on page 48. It has been very informative. Thank You everyone for your response to my post. I'm glad I found this forum. I have put a shortcut on my desktop and go here every day. I forgot that my mother gave me some other dishes about 2 yrs ago that I just put away. They are huge. 16" wide. They say Maryse Boxer hand made. Should I start a new post or keep going with this one?

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I lived in Japan in the early 1980's and dishes like the 2nd one were very common then. I saw ones at least extremely similar in restaurants over there, and I have a few pieces of my own just because I did a lot of Asian cooking in those days and liked to serve them on Japanese dishes. It is a little too "gaudy" for any of my Japanese friends to have owned...the dishes they used in their homes were of much simpler ornamentation.

The first dish is really beautiful. I have never seen anything like it, but it is definitely a keeper! Enjoy!

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Has anyone been to this site
It has thousands of pictures. Just went thru about 3,000 pictures but didn't find mine. My eyes were starting to see double. I will look more tomorrow.

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It may be newer, mikeii.....but just giving you an idea of how old it 'could' be. I know of several American potteries who turned out Japanese inspired ware around the turn of the century in that era. The finish work on it is also clumsy compared to art pottery done domestically in Japan. It's just a hunch, based on working in a pottery, and also living in Japan. It looks American and I didn't want you to rule that out because you assumed it was Japanese made.

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Mikeii-- Boxer's around, I've linked below. In general, it's better to start a new post.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maryse Boxer

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