Basement Dehumidifier Recommendations & Questions

rdonchezApril 15, 2013

I have a rather large unfinished basement and the dehumidifier that is down there now has become unbelievably loud. Therefore, I am looking for a replacement. Are there any brands that are generally recommended? I would prefer a model with a built in pump.

Also, what is generally the recommended humidity to keep in the basement? Thanks.

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There are some threads at GW on dehumidifier brands. A central dehumidifier would be quietest, as it's part of the central HVAC system, which is usually in a separate room. However, the cost will be five-10 times that of a stand-alone unit. FWIW, I've always used basic stand-alone models from Woods.

The EPA says 30-50%RH; CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.) says below 60%; Woods recommends 50%RH.

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I have found 50% to be the best choice for me. Much lower means very long run times for the dehumidifier and of course much more cost for electricity. 60% is on the borderline of being too high. Some mildew can be expected at 60%.

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I've begun researching dehumidifiers and did a search for the Woods models, a couple of which are currently being sold via Amazon (I'm in the USA, btw).

However, I also found this link which states that the manufacturer is now out of business, following a recall of about 2500 of their smaller size units:

Any suggestions for a currently available comparable product?

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