Disinfecting Concrete Floor

ralphgumbyApril 1, 2007


Just had the hot water tank let go. Thankfully, not too much water, but I would like to ensure that no mold can start growing. The basement is unfinished. I am keeping the basement door open to ventilate the area. Any suggestions as to what to use? I've read diluted bleach (1 cup/ gallon water), Hydrogen Peroxide (sprayed) followed by white vinegar (sprayed), I'm sure there are other ideas.

All suggestions welcome.

Thank you,


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I think those are unnecessary. Certain combinations might produce poisonous gases. Staining of the concrete is a possibility. Just dry the area. Concrete itself will not support fungus growth. Fungus grows only on organic material, concrete is mineral.

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Bleach will work just fine but the real key to is make sure the excess moisture is gone. Buy/rent dehumidifier.


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Nothing much grows on plain concrete.
If there is a lot of dirt and crud, wash it, vacuum up any excess water with a wet vac, and let the room dry out.

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