Some rental application questons

improvent363August 10, 2011

I hope someone answer them all as our family urgently need to move asap!

1. Do you have to fill out the employer section if you are self-employed and work at home?

2. Can I put my mobile phone # on applicant infomation section instead of home phone #? Will that look suspicious?

3. On personal references, can you put your brothers/parents name who lives in the same house as you address or it has to be someone else?

Please anwer all to the best of your knowledge!

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1. I'd ask the leasing office or the landlord. What they're looking for is proof that you have an income. What I've done in the past is just tell them the truth, "Look, I'm a freelancer who works from home. What do you need to see from me for the employment section of the application?" Better to be up front about it and ask them what they want, rather than leave it blank and have them come to you looking for an explanation, or just rejecting the application.

2. If that's your main number and the easiest way to reach you, go ahead and put it down. Lots of people don't have landlines anymore, so it shouldn't raise eyebrows.

3. Usually, for personal reference, they specify non-family members. I'd try to find a trusted friend or a co-worker or employer to be your personal reference. I may be reading too much into your post, and forgive me if I'm wrong, but you sound as if you are on the young side and looking for your first apartment. If you go with a friend, make sure the friend will take this seriously and not make a big joke about how you do drugs every weekend and quit every job after two weeks. If you can find an adult, like a neighbor you used to mow the lawn for, or a former teacher or employer or older co-worker, whom you know will take a reference check seriously, I'd go with them.

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Thanks for responding!

You are right that I am young (27) and first time looking for a apartment or a house. I already told them I am self-employed and that is fine.

BTW, why do they need the personal references, since they already have section where to put emergency contact info on rental application?

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The emergency contact is the person you want notified in case of an emergency.

The reference is more like a reference when you are applying for a job--someone who can vouch that you won't destroy the apartment and will most likely pay your rent on time.

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Can you just answer one more question please:

1. If you don't own or rent a house but live their (since, your relative and people who live their pays for it), what should you do then? I ask because the rental application asking me to either circle one of the choice and I want to make sure I get it right!

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Well, that's another question where I'd just ask the landlord what to do.

Remember, it's a one-size-fits-all application. There will always be people who don't fit neatly into the alloted answers. The application is one way landlords screen out people who might be bad tenants. So what you want to do while filling it out is to show that you would be a great tenant. Asking questions is one way to do that--it shows that you are taking the application seriously and want to do a good job with it.

In your shoes, if you have a job, I might write something like--"I have lived at home while saving up enough money to get a place of my own." That explains why you haven't been renting, but also shows that you are careful with your money and wanted to make sure that you have enough money before getting your own place. Just because there are check boxes doesn't mean that you can't write something in.

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I'm a LL. As far as if you rent or own, do not circle either one if you don't have a Lease or a Mortgage. Put "n/a" (for Not Applicable) next to the circles. Then make your note, camlan's is a good suggestion. I'd also like to see something like "contribute to monthly expenses". A 27 yr old living with relatives or parents and helping pay expenses looks better on paper than a 27 year old living with & being supported by relatives or parents. ;) But only if it's true, I can't stress honesty enough, because LLs do check things, and also are listening to what you say verbally, and putting the two together. When showing a house I engage the prospective tenants in casual conversation. Not to trick them, it's just how I am. And I learned early on it's common for those that aren't being honest to trip themselves up at some point and make even just a short statement in chit chat that contradicts something they've said or written down. I'd rather see and deal with the worst truth than a lie. I will bypass someone untruthful every time. Leaves me feeling like they have more to hide, or don't respect me enough to be truthful, therefore wouldn't respect my property. On the flip side, I've had applicants be right up front with me about something that might not look so good on their app or credit history. I listen, and took two as tenants who had filed bankruptcy in years prior. They turned out to be very good tenants, appreciative of the chance to prove themselves and establish a good history again. One has been with me going on 5 years now, and is an exemplary tenant, don't want to lose them! :)

You seem very conscientious, and that will be appreciated, I'm sure your App will be just fine.

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