Does rental application hurt credit score?

improvent363August 2, 2011

Does it effect your credit score and credit report when you fill out an application to rent a home or apartment ?Will that show up as an hard pull and an inquiry?

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Anyone? Anyone?

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I assume you wonder if it drops your score? It's not the same for everyone; we all have individual history. Credit checks can affect it downwards, but usually not by enough to damage your ability to rent. People looking for a car or home typically have several hits in succession. Bankers and brokers know this. Your history and other credit inquiries will have a greater influence.

If there are multiple ticks during the year, you may be asked to explain it. Inquiries for multiple credit cards isn't appealing to a lender, but loans for education are generally OK, for example.

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I'm not sure about your exact question, but I know that in the UK, paying rent on time doesn't contribute to your credit rating. Only loans and credit cards do that.

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