Can someone help with the value of Cast Iron tub & sink?

teresatreeMarch 11, 2013

I am trying to help my mom sell some things before she moves. There is a cast iron tub and sink that has been in the barn for years. I have seen many cool projects on Pinterest using the same type items. I listed them both on Craig's list, but have not gotten a nibble. I guess they are overpriced. She desperately needs to make some money, but I don't want her to get ripped off either. Any help would be appreciated!!

1. Tub, no feet. Could be used as a cool Pinterest type planter, or maybe to hold water in a field.

2. Sink, Vintage/Antique. Could be used in garden to wash vegetables, or clean fish, or for a potting table or as a planter. Can be cleaned and revived or left funky

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As someone who buys pieces like this, I hate to tell you this, but I wouldn't bother with them. The tub has no feet, so as far as I'm concerned, no value. As for the sink, it could be interesting, but it's very big & you have no photos of the inside which is the important part. mfrog

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The tub could serve as a watering trough for live stock. Plug the drain with a stopper that can be removed to facilitate cleaning. Make sure there is no leaded fitings or solder present.

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You need to use the right terms:

That is a double drainboard farmhouse sink

To sell it, you need to have pictures of the critical areas - CLEAN areas - such as the drain, top and bottom, and around the faucets. Rusting out there is impossible to fix and makes the piece worth far less.

Also check the procelain for cracks and chips.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I have a clawfoot tub/fountain in my front yard, and a drainboard sink/potting bench in the back yard. They were free, and in about the same condition as yours appear to be.

For the same uses, $25 each is probably the most I would pay, if I didn't have to wade through mud to get them. Would you be able to find a couple of friends (or pay a couple of neighborhood teens $20) to drag them out of the barn?

Clean them up, take better pics (as lazygardens suggested), then ask for an offer. Another option would be to ask if you can post ads at plant nurseries or landscaping businesses in your area. Again, include better pics.

If you don't want to invest effort and time in cleaning them up, call a salvage yard--they probably have set prices for those items.

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A plumbing store near ushasthem laying in the back depending on condition 25.00

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Mama, have you posted pics of your wonderful yard accents? I would love to see them. Thanks.

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In my neck of the woods (Maine) I have seen one of the tubs used as a niche, partially buried with the rounded end up, and a statue of Mary placed inside.

i had a friend that had one nicely refinished, one side cut out, and a plush velvet set of cushions inside and used as a realy low-slung loveseat.


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

lovevintage, I started another thread, with pics of my yard 'antiques'. You can also click on my username for SkyDrive albums of the flowers and yard.

Here is a link that might be useful: vintage garden junk

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