3 mentally ill roommates and a baby, what to do?

valiumplzAugust 13, 2013

I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment with 2 other guys (bunk beds and floor matress rotation) Were all pretty mental, so there are conflicts from time to time. All of us are unemployed and unemployable, so were stuck together in this apartment all day every day.
41 year old Roommate a is an all day alcoholic and has severe anxiety and bipolar disorder. He has several seizures a day, which can get annoying if youre trying to watch tv or something. He performs his own blood tests or something, he will fill a vial with his own blood, tie string to the vial, then spin it around in the air, then he examines it under a microscope. He does this every day, I really have no idea what hes looking for or even if he really has any idea what hes doing. Im not even sure its safe to take blood as often ad he does, although he takes small amounts. He has all sorts of other medical equipment, blood pressure monitor, oxygen monitor, 3 stethoscopes, glucose monitor, even his own holter monitor, which he wears all day, covered in electrodes. other than the seizures, hes totally healthy too, watching his body work is just like a hobby to him. Hes divorced and horribly insecure and needy. He gets verbally abusive when hes drunk.
20 year old roommate b, he is a space cadet. He makes tons of mess which he refuses to clean and showers once a week. He can be rude and selfish, and will basically ignore you all day. He has a 3 year old daughter that stays here on weekends who he pays no attention to. Hes really aloof and kind of a loser to be honest. He reminds me a bit of dylan, brians son in that episode of family guy. He has occasional anger outbursts but just keeps to himself most of the day refusing to talk to anyone. He also grows weed in the bathroom, which both me and the other roommate are okay with, but it might be a legal issue if he gets busted.
T be honest i have some significant mental health issues and drug habits that probably dont make me any easier to live with than these guys. Im also a bit of a hoarder, so our small space is pretty cluttered. We live together because no one else will tolerate us and we cant afford to live alone. All of us are unemployed and unemployable, so were stuck together in a small apartment 24/7, and we all really resent each other, there is alot of drama and conflict between all of us. B's daughter is a little neglected when she comes over because everyone is either high or going mental, but we all pick up slack to make sure shes fed and stuff. Also, the apartment has virtually no furniture other than the bunk beds in the bedroom, so everything is kind of on the floor.
So uum, rant over i guess. Do you have any advice?

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1. Call Child Protective Services about B's daughter.
2. Get into a rehab program and move out.

Wasn't really sure what you wanted advice about, so that's my best guess. If you have a more specific question, please post it.

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I agree with camian 100%. And I want to add one more suggestion: as soon as you have moved out, contact the authorities regarding the marijuana farm in the bathroom.

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Are you for real? Because this sounds like the most concocted insane story I have ever read.

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I feel sorry for your landlord. But, as for advice:
1. Call child services/acf/dept children&families/child abuse hotline (1-800-422-4453 http://www.childhelp.org/pages/hotline-home) and tell them what you just posted here. All the rest of you are adults, and you make your own choices, but that is NOT A SAFE environment for a child, and it's your JOB as a decent human to ensure that children/animals are not HURT by YOUR actions, and that child is being hurt by these actions. No amount of picking up slack and making sure she's fed negates the damage of being exposed to drugs and mentally unsafe people (and presumably needles, possibly blood pathogens, etc.
2. Seek help. Call NAMI's helpline at 1-800-950-6264, Google "mental health hotline" with your state in the search, and you'll turn up toll free numbers to call and get support, people who can help you make better decisions, and refer you to local assistance. If you live in any of the covered areas, call Pathways to Housing and tell them your story, tell them you need your own space to clean up and feel safe: http://pathwaystohousing.org/locations/ Pathways is an organization that helps people with housing problems and mental health problems get safe, secure, single housing, and get them support to recover. I'm a Pathways client. They are amazing.
3. Get outside more. I don't know where you live, but even if it's just going for a walk around the block, or sitting in a park, or even just sitting out on the curb, get outside and BREATHE. If you are a hoarder, you may also have agoraphobia, which means you don't like to go outside, if this is the case, try to make your own space, even if it's a little space just big enough for you and a book, made of newspaper walls, get your own space.
4. Get some furniture (try recycle centers, those are great fun, especially if you're a hoarder! Just limit yourself to TWO ITEMS and stick to it! Or, even better, only take something when you GIVE something, make it an exchange!), make the space for useful spaces, consider converting some of your junk INTO furniture. Two milk crates filled with papers topped with an old ironing board would make a "bench" stack books or other solid items to make a desk against a wall for use with your "junkbench". Be creative. If you're a hoarder, space is tight, and a lot of it is little junk that just consumes space, that's how it is, it's an illness, but see if you can re-arrange it to make it FUNCTIONAL. Not only will you possibly make the living space more livable, but it gives you something constructive to do and proves to your frustrated roommates that you're TRYING to fix YOUR PART OF THE MESS to make things better, so it should relieve tensions.

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What is going on here?! This is completely unsafe living conditions for a child. Where is the mother. You all need help, if you can get it.

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I'm not worried about the 3 grown men, but I am worried about that poor little girl. Please take the advise that was previously offered.
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rebecca & mammie, you do realize this post hasnt been active since 4/15/2014

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