Can Hear Nieghbor Downstairs... HELP!!!

booie34August 14, 2005

I have lived in my co-op for three years now and I must say I love it. But the woman downstairs has become much louder then she was in the begining. I have looked into sound proofing for the floors. (the floors are the main problem) But the cost is quite high. I was wondering if anyone has had my same problem and found success with anything. I hear cork is best but hope I can find someone out there who has used it and knows first hand. Thanks.

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Talk to the co-op about having the woman downstairs change back to being as quiet as she used ot be.

Ahnd talk to the woman about changing those behaviors that you can hear.

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I've read about "floating" floors--which have a layer between them...apparently, they help with soundproofing

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I found the best success is to talk to the neighbor. You don't say how she has suddenly become louder after 3 years and odds are she doesn't know that the noise she makes travels upstairs so well.

The least expensive way is to be a neighbor and talk to your neighbor as a first step.

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We run a noise fan at night; I went to Wal-Mart and was able to listen to all their small fans and got the loudest. At least this helps at night.

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I'd say tell the woman if she doesn't stop being loud, you're going to be a major pain in the ass. Tell her you'll stop at nothing to make her life worse then it ever has been. Tell her you don't care about her or her needs, you just care about your own.

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Boy... and then you wonder why people are so screwed up in the head!!

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Jason T is a poster that got slammed for being a whiney adolescent ... he hasn't changed.

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Remember you live ABOVE her...feel free to wear heavy boots and frequently walk across the floor especially in the bedroom late at this frequently and make sure you walk over all areas of your apartment so she can't escape it by moving around...also randomly throw heavy things on the uncarpeted kitchen bathroom floors. She will move out quite soon.

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Retaliation doesn't work and can backfire on you. Talk to the co-op management and see what they have to say. If you get no satisfaction, and do not feel comfortable talking to the woman, slip a note under her door asking her if she would please be mindful of the noise. You can even phrase it by saying, "Is anything wrong? I've noticed lately that there is a lot more noise coming from your place..." etc.

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Perhaps it is something as simple as the woman has become hard of hearing. Try talking to her and see if this is the case. She may be unaware she has become louder. It may be easier to soundproof her ceiling than your floor.

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I have the same problem. Stereo at 2 a.m. I've tried nicely talking to her, talking to my landlord, yelling at her...finally the other night I called her cell and told her every time she keeps me up all night she is waking up with me in the morning.

Meanwhile I am exhausted and going prematurely grey.

Please let me know if you get any soundproofing tips :(

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