Being harassed by landlord...I think!

mommyvilleAugust 16, 2012

I live in a townhouse with my 3 kids. In the 2 yrs I've lived here we have had about 6 maintenance men. I have had issues with maintenance men entering my apartment while i'm in the shower and also while I was upstairs naked. I never made a stink about it. Now the latest maintenance man is becoming a really big issue for me. He had to do some repairs and instead of covering my belongings he proceeded to use an electric sander and everything was covered in this really find dust. And to top it all off he kicked my dog. Recently my air went out and he stated he fixed it (by the way he barely speaks English). I let it run constantly for over three hours and he kept coming over saying "It working"! I kept telling him that I felt that it was still not working because it never went below 80 degrees in my apt. He kept giving me dirty looks and ignoring what I was saying and telling me no, it working. I contacted the leasing mgr and told her it was not working and that the maintenance man was being very rude and ignoring me. The next day the Property manager called me while I was at work and told me that she felt I complain to much and that I should probably move. I finally hung up on her after I told her how crazy she sounded saying that I need to move because I complained about this guy being rude to me and about my air not working properly. Now they want me to meet with the leasing mgr, property mgr and the maintenance man.

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You did not help your case by telling the Property Manager how crazy she sounded. I can understand your frustration, and you seem to have valid issues, but regardless of what is happening, you to tone down the rhetoric, be polite, and stick to the issue of maintenance of the apartment.

And give some thought to moving. At least have a plan.

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I feel so bad for you, really! Why is it the standard solution is to move? Its really not fair, but in this case it sounds viable. I also cant help but wonder why the maintenance man is allowed to freely enter, why not set up an appointment with him? Consider having a friend around with you as a witness. I would also set up a camera to record-pic and sound. I used to leave my computer on record, leave my cellphone on record as well and when my landlord was around play it back for him. I did win in court, and only one landlord in five ever kept my security deposit. That was before I got smart. Unfortunately, you have to document everything and just bring it into a courtroom if you cant get them to listen. I have personally found that when you hand deliver a letter and follow up and send email with attached recording files, this definitely should get them to respect you. Management companies have "employees" not owners, so your making them actually work, which they probably don't like. Keep it all business with the mangement company. The town where you live or city should have a town hall with appropriate offices for tenant advice as well. Believe me, they can become very effective should you get them involved! Good Luck!

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