french or baseboard?

elvenhotsApril 2, 2007

I would love to hear from anyone with either the french drain, or baseboard system. I'm really trying to make my decision, but I run across conflicting stories. I have also been reading about this stuff called RadonSeal, it sounds to easy of a fix. Anyone heard or used it? I can't imagine it could work as good as the website says.

Any info would be great!! Thanks in advance!

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I really need to make my decision on the french drain or baseboard system.... can anyone help??

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I'm aware of many people who have french drains. Properly installed work well. It does require an open trench around the perimeter of the entire basement. I don't know if this would be compatible with an area that has radon emmissions.
I've seen advertisements for the tile system. I don't know how the water gets drained to an area it can be removed. Seems it would sit in the hollow area as the floor would not be sloped when poured and floated.

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By a baseboard system do you mean that a trench is dug on the interior of the wall? If so, that is the system we had installed by Mid Atlantic and it did the trick for us although it is a messy process.I can give more details if this is what you were asking about.

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We had a french drain system put in our basement and we are very happy with the results. The company we used trenched the perimeter of our concrete basement floor and installed a sump pump with a back-up system. We've had no problems and would do it all over again.

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Ah Ha, finally what I am looking for. I was calling this process interior weeping tile installation. I am having a French Drain put in at the end of Aug. Right now we are emptying the entire contents of the basement.

What I want to know is - How messy is this?
What can I do to keep the concrete dust from trashing the upstairs?
Is it safe to at least leave the washer and dryer downstairs covered with plastic?

We have addressed the downspouts, have all the exterior graded properly. Our problem is that with the record rainfall in June in Ontario our city sewer system could not keep up. We had our downspouts previously connected to them and when the system couldn't keep up our foundation took all the water. We are left with water in our cinderblocks.

Any suggestions on how much mess and how to live with the mess would be GREATLY appreciated.

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french drain is alraight what do you wanna do in the basement anyway that you think so muscjh? clean the mess this shoul be the best weeping tile installation is good tried it once or many times E. B. Dan : ÃÂ. ÃÂ. Ã"ÃÂ - Her Gold Hair Video
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We got released from a purchase agreement for a nice home because the basement waterproofing released unacceptable radon into the area and mitigating it would have cost a small fortune. Test your house for radon and consult with a radon mitigation contractor on the impact of the proposed waterproffing scheme.

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