Round Top

patty_cakesMarch 24, 2013

Just wondering if anyone will be coming to TX for Round Top. it's coming up soon(1st week of April)and i'm really excited since I didn't go either last spring or fall due to other plans that couldn't be changed. It's only a 45 minute trip for me. ;o)

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I wish! It's 4 hrs from me, would love to make a weekend of it. Hope you have a great time, and find some wonderful treasures! :)

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Am wanting to go in October. It's a bit further for me : ) Wish I only lived 4 hours away ... 45 minutes? ohhh my. My family started in NW GA and then did the big Texas migration, My GreatGrands met and married in Fourney. I try to get back every year or so.

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There are a lot of Antique shops in and around Fourney which is east of Dallas. We get to Canton First Monday at least once a year. Have been to Roundtop a couple of times which is down the road from Brennan where those contented cows produce Blue Bell Ice Cream, where they eat all they can and sell the rest.

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Have talked with a friend about going to Canton a few times, and seem every time we plan on going it rains~am 31/2-4 hrs away. I know we'll get there, but it will be later rather than sooner.

Texansredhead, hahaha, yes the contented Bluebell cows. Brennan is a neat place too. Moving to TX has been a wonderful and exciting experience for me. I'm loving it!

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We are originally Buckeyes but we moved to Texas, Were transfered here and decided to stay. Been here since 1971. Tell the "natives" we are here by choice not by accident of birth

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