Spinning?Drilling? Whatitz

jasfindMarch 13, 2012

Hi people.Another item that I have had forever.Super-well made. Look in the photos and see square cut nails ,and a great small repair.The dowels on the pole side screw up and down on worm turnings.The front ones come out. The wheel is well balanced . That center pole runs up another foot from the shot.4 ft. total to top of center pole.

OK WHAT IS IT. Yarn spinning, Dental drill supply?I can't see where the wheel would supply power(and to what).ANy ideas. Thank you


Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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Can't see what might happen when you turn the wheel.....could 8it be a linen press?

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Hi Lindac.It has a small ( seemingly useless) crank,on the pole side. The wheel is grooved for a belt.Where that belt would go,I can't see. The legs are also moveable to a degree.As usual,with stuff I like/buy,it's built like a brick (well you know what).Maybe at one time there was a big wheel on the pole.Some fool made a lamp on the pole end,so I can't tell.At least they only stuck a lamp socket on the end.No drilling and ruining.I think if it were a press,the two front dowels would also screw down.All thoughts are good and welcome. Thank you

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It's a former spinning wheel that has been reworked (the light-colored board in the top is a replacement for the one that held the spinning apparatus and passed the drive belt through it) So it's now a "decorative object". The crank would have originally been worked by a treadle (or pair of them)

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I agree that it was a spinning wheel in its former life. Most of the spinner pieces are missing and the frame has been reworked to make a decorative object. The only original parts are the wheel with it's crank. The crank pin is gone and all connections to a treadle. Its value as an antique is gone. The value of the wheel and crank could be increased if it were incorporated into a new spinning wheel by a good craftsman who makes replicas.

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Hey guys. Thank you for the info.Again, while value is cool, it's past life is more important.I kind of lean on the thought that a kid would turn the small handle,not a treadle. Reason ,the feet are real to the piece.Thanks again

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