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ihatenoiseAugust 14, 2007

When some say use ear plugs because of noisy loser neighbors, how do you hear the alarm and get up for work? I cant use them because my head gets stuffed up and i get a pounding headache. What would a person do then?

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You get an alarm clock with a strobe light. The light wakes you. I have one.

You can also get an alarm clock that you either attatch to your wrist or put under you pillow and it vibrates. Check the sites that sell things for the deaf.

I don't know what to do about the earplugs giving you a headache. There are different kinds of earplugs. Maybe you just have to experiment to find one brand that suits you.

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I have the same problem with earplugs. Our apt is right next to the pool so we practically live there. It is virtually unused but there is the occasional child who comes who is allowed to scream and yell so I keep earplugs in my swim bag.

I get the same thing though, my head starts to pound and I feel really "stuffy" in the head. My dr said it is an inner ear disturbance.

Bud........I had no idea there were such alarm clocks. Thanks for the heads up.

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Yes, there are alram clocks for the hard of hearing (or those wearing earplugs). You can also just get an alarm clock radio and turn the volume waaaaay up to blasting. That'll wake ya!

I purchased my strobe light alarm clock back when I had an apartment with roommmates. It was not because I could not hear my alarm clock go off but because my work hours were so different from theirs, and my alarm going off would wake them when they did not want to be awoken. With the strobe light alarm I could get up without waking the whole household.

There are also "morning light alarms" where a dim light on the clock slowly gets brighter and brighter. It is suppose to bring you out of REM sleep and make one more suceptable to the audio alarm. I don't have any experience with them to say for sure how well they work.

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This one is not a strobe light alarm but sure looks like it would do the trick:

The one I have is Rhythm brand that has he option of being strobe light only, audio only, or combo. It is attractive looking too - not junky looking like some alarms clocks. I can't find a pic anywhere.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flashiing Light Alarm Clock

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Oh...Of course bud again, Apparently you missed my point, I or any other person should not have to wear earplugs to get peace and quiet. For those of us who have ear problems its not an option, and the just move thing is not an option for most people. Now i know what i would do with a mutilmillion dollar jackpot if i ever won. Nonprofit to get silence these noisemakers. I had better stop playing supercash and go with powwrball or megabucks.

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If your alarm clock is right next to your bed, how can you NOT hear it, even with ear plugs? I've been wearing ear plugs for over a decade (not continuously!) and I can hear the alarm clock just fine every morning. They block out most low, dull noises, but not things in a certain spectrum.

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Posted by ihatenoise: When some say use ear plugs because of noisy loser neighbors, how do you hear the alarm and get up for work?

Look Mr. Hate, you DID start this thread asking asking a specific question. I did not *miss your point* about asking about "how to hear an alarm when one wears earplugs". And then when you received perfectly logical solutions to your "problem" you get testy with me and whine about a totally different issue.

I do have some other advice for you, but I know you do not want to hear it. :)

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I have some advice for you ihatenoise...DON'T LIVE IN APARTMENTS!!!!!!!!

When you agree to live in an apartment, you agree to live surrounded by other people. Some of those people are on different schedules than you and some noise is to be expected. People here are just trying to give you helpful hints.

I think you should find some other crabby people and rent a house together, where you all can live in complete silence.

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Most of it is not too helpful, its mostly ignorant responses from people that havent dealt with obnoxious noise makers that are doing it intentionally. LIKE I SAID, JUST MOVE OR GET A HOUSE ISNT A OPTION FOR SOME!.. JENNMONKEY. I THINK YOU WOULD BE CRABBY TO IF YOU PUT UP WITH THIS KINDA CRAP! iD GIVE YOU A PENNY SO YOU CAN GET A CHEAP CLUE, BUT DONT WANNA WASTE IT ON YOU!

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Sorry, ihatenoise, but I've lived in apartments for the last eight or nine years, and I have had some extremely noisy neighbors. I just will not let it get to me, because I have agreed to live in an apartment building, so I know there will be all kinds of people living around me, some loud, some quiet.

If it was so loud that it was driving me insane, I would figure out something else to do, no matter what it took. I would move to another apartment on the top floor, I would move to a different building, I would move to a different neighborhood where rental houses are cheaper and I could afford it, I would do SOMETHING. I could not live being miserable all the time. It is not worth your sanity or quality of life to not figure out some other option.

All of the time you are spending on a message board getting angry at others who have been trying to give you ideas to help you, you could be figuring out a way to get out of your situation.

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Try using the white noise sleep machine. Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens n Things carry them. They have digitized sounds such as ocean, rain, forest, waves, etc. I've found that the rain sounds are the loudest, natural sounds. I have two, one on either side of my bed. Someimes I actually put them on my pillow beside me. It's not apartment noise for me though, it's the barking dog next door. Before that, I went to Home Depot and purchased two of the loudest fans I could find. That worked good, but I decided to try the white noise machines on a whim and that worked even better. They work by battery or electricity.

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That's a good idea but Mr. Noise apparently is not looking for logical solutions to try, just an audience for his rantings.

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Isnt that why we are all here? Mr bud? Logic doesnt work in apartments.

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I think Jennmonkey has the right idea and good insight on the subject.. if u dont want to live with people, dont move in to a aprt. complex!!
You see and agree, and know that u will have other people around you and your going to have differnt families moving in under u, or over u or beside u
There are some neighbors who are considerate and respectful they are others who just think i pay the rent and i will live as i want too
but going into a community complex living, is your taking the good and bad and the ugly
what these complex's need to do as a good idea is
keep the elderly in one unit..
the families in the other unit
and the working force in another unit
and not mix and match the people who is elderly, and the ones with active children..
instead of just counting the owners dollars.,,
it would be less fuss that way..
but jennmonkey said, the best statement
it is just a fact that u go into aprt.. ur around PEOPLE!!

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Well cheyyenne, theres a point where its not acceptable, if it was happening to them they would be complaing right away. Just because of living around others, its no excuse to make excessive noise, its mostly obnoxious noise too. I never said i didnt want to live around others. Its just others make it diffucult for the quiet ones. Like i said LOGIC doesnt work in apartments. I have moved and have no problems. No younger losers to deal with, or drunks. I am in my mid 20s and i fit in better with older people. And one more thing whats with the posts from people that are trying to tell me im the problem or whatever? I can tell you have never experienced any apartment noise from hell cheyyenne. So you knind of people stop posting. I would appreciate it.

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What kind of noise(s) are you being exposed to? (Not trying to stir things up - sometimes being specific helps with solutions ;)

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Some apartment buildings are quieter than others, but apartment living is inherently noisier than living in a separate home.

Plus, from the tone your postings I'm not surprised that you have problems living in proximity with other people.

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Oh gawd..NOT ANOTHER ONE! Obviously fredwolf, you have never lived in hell have you? I have never been somewhere where doors have to be slammed, jumping and stomping on the floors, running, dropping large things on the floor, tipping chairs forward and letting them fall back down( sounds like a sonic boom downstairs. Water downstairs 2 times from upstairs because of "stupidity". Cant have any glassware in any cupboards. Drunks. toomuch to list. So am I STILL THE PROBLEM? FREDWOLF? It may look that way because im irritated from dealing with it. Wouldnt you be? We moved and we havent a problem so far. No suprises like the old place had. Knew what to expect at new place. So apparently it couldnt of been myself that was the problem. I would offer the phone number and address to the place and you can try it out and experience first hand! How bout it fred?? Landlord decided he wants unemployed losers instead that pay rent late almost the end of the month.

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ihatenoise, I think people are reacting to you because of the tone of your postings, not because of your situation. You are now in a new place where you don't have the same problem - so why are you still on here being aggressive and w(b)itchy? Still in a bad mood?

Personally, while I hate noise and would truly hate to have animal-like neighbors, I LOVE my earplugs (the clear silicone MAX ones) for sleeping. Wow, they really drown out any extraneous things like the garbage trucks going by, the heavy ladies who live upstairs and get ready for work long before I am ready to wake up, car alarms, ETC. And I still hear my alarm and my phone through them. Let's hear it for earplugs.

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interesting thread. :)

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Looks like you're going to have a head ache either way, sucks to be you.

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The thread was from 2007, let it die.

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