huge basement (49 x 24 x 9) with visible mold on concrete walls

dtownjbrownMarch 29, 2009

Ive lived in my home for three and a half years now. My unfinished basement is used primarily for storage and laundry, so I dont spend alot of time down there. I recently decided to FINALLY make that huge Goodwill clothing donation Ive been putting off for years, so I had to venture deeper into the basement than usual to retrieve several storage bins full of clothes. In doing so, I noticed black "stuff" on the bottom 2feet of all four concrete walls down there. Ive never had any mold or allergy related health problems but with a baby on the way, I plan to have a mold remediation company come in and "professinally" clean the walls to get it off the walls.....but it was suggested that I also purchase a dehumidifier to KEEP it off the walls.

Ive been doing some online research on dehumidifiers but cant seem to find any specific suggestions for models that are best fit for my "type" of basement. For instance, my basement was a poured foundation, is always cold (even though there are no AC or heating vents down there), has 9foot ceilings and is approx 1200 sq feet. How does that translate into pints per day when trying to determine the "right" dehumidifier I might need?

Additionally, I wnet out and purchased a couple Temperature/Humidity thermometers (another suggestion I was given) and placed them in the basement. Even though spring has "officially" started, the temp is reading 55 degrees and the humidity is ranging between 36 and 39......what do these numbers mean and how should I use them to help me choose a dehumidifier?

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See the link below for the US EPA suggestions for the dehumidifier capacity you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dehumidifier Basics

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downtown J Brown

Just thought I'd insert a word after all the spammers and plagiarists are done.

Using the info in the EPA link, I'd suggest a dehumidifier that removes 22 pints over 24 hours. Even though the humidity now is acceptable, I'd bet it goes much higher in the summer.

To further help in preventing a reoccurence of mold, don't open basement windows in the summer, seal all openings and consider insulation on the walls, so there is reduced surface on which condensation can form.

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Our basement is about the same size as yours. We bought the biggest dehumidifier we could find at HD and we run it from about June 1 to October 1. It cycles on and off and is set at 50% humidity. We've never had a mold issue down there.

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Sue - would you happen to recall the make & model of your dehumidifier? How often do you have to empty it (or is it attached to a drainage hose)? Is your basement unfinished as well?



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I don't know the make or model. It empties into the sump via a hose (the sump doesn't have a pump in it, it connects to the drain system which drains to daylight all year, the AC condensate drains the same way). If we had to empty it by hand I believe we'd have to empty it a few times a day.

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