peeping tom

cayoqtAugust 12, 2003

there is one in my neighborhood. i haven't had any experience with him yet, but does anyone have any advice in case i do? (aside from calling the cops, which i know already. I keep the curtains drawn at night, but what if i leave my house adn there is someone trying to peek in my windows?

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Carry mace and wear sneakers so you can chase the jerk!!! :-) Please be cautious, peeping toms are the start of something more serious.

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How do you know this?

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Some, but not all, peeping toms escalate to rape, and some escalate to rape followed by murder.

Notify your landlord and the other tenants ... ask the landlord to install some motion-detector lights aimed where the peeper has to cross in order to get ot the apartments. Also ask them to install peeper-proof landscaping: thorny dense shrubs under windows deter peepres and burglars.

I suggest you take some self-defense clases. Most police departments know who offers them, and they don't have to be expensive or strenuous.

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dig a ditch along the window which he uses.Then fill it with dog poop and water until you have a nice soup. Carfully sprinkle some loose dirt over the ditch, just enough to cover it.
I have done it and it gave me such satisfaction the next day.
Also let everyone around you know that you are really upset about someone peeping and you wouldn't give it a second thought about empting your gun into anyone who threatens your safety.Word travels fast and you can bet that this weirdo is one of your neighbors

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You could put some powder or paint so he would get it on his fingers on the window sill. Then you will have finger prints. I wonder if you could put one of those light sensors in that area or some kind of alarm? I would hate to have to live in fear. Make sure the police know and your neighbors. Maybe you could form some kind of neighborhood watch.

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first- get everyone in the neighborhood together. find out what everyone knows, and figure out if it's a homeless person looking for food/shelter, a teenager looking for a kick, or a predator of one ilk or another...

and if you can't find two people who have SEEN this person and have at least similar will ahve to consider that your peeper is 90% rumour, and deal accordingly.

in our area, they have a cop whose job it is to come out and talk to neighbors about such issues- see if your police can lend you one... very often, that's enough to get rid of the problem.

motion detecters hooked up to hoses that they use for deer control work just as well on humans.

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Have you tried broken glass in the area that SOB crawls/stands in? I like the dog poop but how about fertilizer, a little easier to comeby. any other suggestions? the 'tom' I'm dealing with crawls into a tiny space under a bush under the window and lays there for hours, doing ahem what do you suppose? cops are no help, they come with sirens/lights blaring so of course he's gone in the night.

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Not all cops come with lights/ sirens. In fact in my city they try to not use them unless its a possible rape/ domestic abuse, where you want it to stop immediatly. Obviously they need to trun the lights on and possible sirens for intersections etc but even then will shut them off as the get close.

Lilly, I would confront them with a friend and a can of mace. Yell at the bush and then start spraying!

I wouldn't dig a hole near a foundation. Could case problems. Motion lights should also help. You can find solar motion lights if no electricity is available. My hardware store has them for around $50 and it works awsome. 4 screws into the home. Two for the panel and two for the light.

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I wouldn't take this lightly, just the idea of it gives me the creeps. I was walking in an apartment complex one night to a friends home and came upon a man in a dark area by some shrubs looking into one of the bedroom windows of an apartment. When he saw me, he faced me and then kind of slowly backed into a shadow behind him that went around the corner of the building, looking right at me the whole time. I'll never forget faint gray-blue light of the streetlights on his face, it made his eyes look glittery, as he melted back into the shadows. It made my skin crawl. That guy was up to no good, I called the cops and gave a description of him and they knocked on the door of the apartment he had been "peeping" into to tell the lady who lived there.

It is a weird thing to do and if I remember correctly, Ted Bundy liked to look into womens windows. Make sure NO ONE can see into yours at night.

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i agree with dragonbreath,,how do you know this?? is this a guy that you've been told about via a neighbor ????
or are you going by an actual police report regarding your neighborhood?

i've known people to wrongly be blamed as peeping toms simply because they walk their dogs at 3am around the apartment complex.

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Get a motion sensor light and install it near the window he can peak in

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