linnea has a question I can't answer

debodunMarch 14, 2012

Posted by linnea56 (My Page) on

Wed, Mar 14, 12 at 13:53

Since last night: I cannot get the clickable link to "Post a Message" to work. The one below the green bar on the header, and above the title of the forum. I cannot get any of the top ones to work, so no Search, no Other forums, etc. Which means I cannot originate a thread. I can open any of the threads to read them, but I can not start a new one. This is SO frustrating! I have questions to ask, and it feels like being gagged!

Is anyone having this problem? I emailed Garden web, but who knows if I will hear back. This is true for all the forums I normally use, Garden too. Could I have been blocked in some way? I have never tried to sell anything here, so have not violated any rules.

If this is sent to you, because I had to add it on to your post on a different topic, I apologize, but replies are my only means of posting right now. Would you please copy and paste it to a fresh message and post it? Thank you!

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The top links aren't working on mine, either but it seems to only be on the Antiques Forum. To post, I usually use the place at the bottom of the page & that seems to be viable.

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Thanks, debodun and antique silver!I have found a few forums where I CAN post, but they are all ones I don't use :)

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I'm glad there is more than one option. Funny, I looked for a link at the bottom of the page, even though I knew I had seen this before. THat big box was so large, I almost didn't see it!

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