silver overlay glass?

bungalow975March 7, 2012

I saw this trinket dish(?) at an auction a number of years ago, and loved it at first sight. It is tiny--just over 3 inches square and an inch high--and very pretty. The glass has an almost velvety feel to it. The color is iridescent rosy amethyst at the top, shading to almost clear on the bottom. It has a polished pontil (with a tiny nick in it) and no maker's mark. I do not know if the overlay is actually silver or something else. Under magnification, there is what appears to be a very tiny "88" stamped on one of the flower petals. I think it resembles some Czech glass, but would like to know more about it.

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I have been seeing this stuff lately at shows and watching on ebay and some of it is called Alvin silver overlay but not sure yours is that name.

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Are you sure that it's stamped 88 & not 84? I know less than nothing about overlay but 84 was a silver purity mark sometimes seen on Russian articles.

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Not Alvin silver overlay.
How are the flowers put on? Painted? Glazed?
I really have no idea what it the overlay silver.....or just sort of silvery?
Does it tarnish?
Linda C

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The flowers are definitely some kind of overlay, and are actually attached to the metal rim. It looks like silver, and is lightly tarnished. I will try to get a better look at what appears to be stamped numbers on the metal.

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